Monday, December 3, 2012

Bizarre Foods

Welcome to Bizarre Foods with Kyle Marcellus.  On tonight's episode we will be exploring the mysterious world of odd meats.  I certainly hope you will stick around.  

That sounded pretty good right?  I feel like if I could ever host a show, it would certainly be Bizarre Foods.  If you've never seen the show the basic premise revolves around the host, Andrew Zimmern, traveling around the world seeking out culturally unique food dishes.  He honestly eats some of the most horrifying things, but I would still do it.  My friend Scott and I have the same opinion of the show.  We always seem to end up hungry!  Because of this fact we have been kicking around the idea of having our own bizarre foods night.

Getting excited yet?

Saturday night it finally happened.  We both spent some time browsing around the local grocery stores seeking out the perfect items to "gross" each other out.  The unfortunate thing is, most of the stores around here don't carry anything too terrifying.  I was looking for something to elicit the response one usually has when they learn the details of Haggis.  There was no haggis to be found in Ocean Springs, so I went for a few things that sound odd, but I actually enjoy; gizzards and turkey necks.  Later on that day I started receiving picture messages from Scott.  Enjoy!

Neck bones anyone?

I had no idea that such a thing was actually
sold in stores.

The coup de grace

This picture just isn't right!

Scott working the grill.  

Crab boiled chicken gizzards and turkey necks.

So, what is the verdict?  The crab boiled chicken gizzards and turkey necks were fantastic, in my opinion.  I guess it depends on if you are actually into that kind of thing.  Scott also boiled the pork neck bones in his own concoction of marinade.  They were also delicious!  I could have chewed on those bones all night like a dog.  The beef cheek meat was surprisingly good.  Don't let the odd name fool you!  Although, it was exceptionally chewy.  The majority of it was actually just chewed and then thrown into the woods.

Now lets talk about beef tongue.  I feel like the tongue was on a different playing field than the rest of the items we tasted.  The look of it, the thought of it, and just truly knowing what it is can play mind games on you, but I am basically willing to try anything.  Scott split in and let it soak in some Worcestershire sauce.  Cooked it had the appearance of venison.  It was extremely lean and dense.  Admittedly it smelled delicious.  Scott and I both tasted a piece and found ourselves with nearly identical expressions on our faces.  It was the expression one gets when they are in a deep state of thought.  Neither of us could put our fingers on exactly what is was that we had just tasted.  It wasn't awful enough to bring forth immediate removal, but it also wasn't savory enough to begin devouring the rest of the tongue.  It was just interesting enough to give it a second shot.  Interesting truly was a good word for describing it.  It was quite gamey and didn't have the most appealing after taste.  No, I won't be finding myself becoming a connoisseur of tongue, but I did try it.  What more could anyone want from me?

Don't fear the odd!  Life is all about the experiences; even the disgusting ones!

Until Next Time (eating normally),

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