Friday, September 21, 2012

On The Road Again

I wasn't home for very long before hitting the road again. I appear to be spending more time on the road than I am at home anymore. I go home to work and support my vagabond lifestyle. This life suits me well.

My buddy Jason and myself set out at 4 am on Thursday morning to do a little pre-fall Natchez Trace trip. Our time off finally matched up to where we could hit the open road. This is the perfect trip for seeing a lot of territory and not spending a ton of money.

We spent most of the day, yesterday, hiking sections of the original trace and checking out some historic sights. I finally got to see the Windsor ruins! I get extremely amped up about things like this. All that remains of the civil war era mansion are a number of massive columns.

Following the ruins we headed a little further into Port Gibson to visit Grand Gulf Battlefield. It was the sight of one of the Civil Wars naval battles.

The trace is fairly unused this time of year. We were the only campers at the large Rocky Springs campground last night. Today we saw very little traffic on our way up to Jeff Busby park. I think we saw more deer than cars.

The weather has been nice and cool at night. We laid out on the benches of the picnic table last night and watched the satellites pass overhead. Tonight, after dinner, we are heading up Little (tiny) Mountain to watch the sun set over this wonderful state and then do a night hike, by headlamps, back down to the campground.

I'll update as I have time to do so.

Until Next Time,

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