Monday, August 27, 2012

New Orleans

There are certain places in the world that by the shear mention of their names can bring either and smile or a cringe to ones face.  New Orleans is certainly one of those places.  Everyone has heard stories or has some of their own.  The funny thing is, sometimes those stories are only meant for the nights that they happen on.  The phrase used out west is, "What happens in Vegas, stays in  Vegas."  New Orleans is much like that.  So, no this isn't a story about a wild night down in NOLA.  This is about the feeling of the morning after!

Friday night, following the B.B. King concert, Andrew and myself met up with Matt to head over for a night of fun down in the Big Easy.  (This is the part where we fast forward and omit the next couple of hours)  As I was sitting around the house nursing an evil hangover, the next day, I started flipping through pictures I had snapped throughout the night.  I felt like I was reliving that final scene in the original Hangover movie.  One picture just stood out to me and really made me laugh.  I feel like it's the perfect picture to describe the conclusion on a night in New Orleans.  

This truly is the perfect description of the conclusion of a nola trip.  After a night of wandering about the French Quarter we always end up sitting around the tiny tables in Cafe Du Monde recounting the adventures of the night before.  Wondering if we've all smelled this bad all night. Trying to figure out how long the sun has been up.  "Was it light when we walked in here?"  Stuffing that beignet into my mouth before realizing it's the same temperature as the sun. Then breaking into overwhelming laughter when I throw powder sugar all over my friend.  Oh, the shenanigans.  Those are the nights I always remember.  

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