Sunday, August 12, 2012


I'm always pretty cautious when driving at night, but last night I saw a first.  I was coming home from my friends house on the other side of the coast.  I had the radio loud and was enjoying my drive along the beach.  It was around 1:30 am when I was approaching casino row in Biloxi.  I saw a set of headlights up ahead of me.  I initially didn't think much of it.  I honestly assumed it was a car in a turning lane.  Then I realized that car was NOT in the turning lane at all and was coming down the wrong side of the highway directly at me!

My mind went into overdrive as I looked into those bright lights.  I quickly considered what to do.  Before I had the chance to make up my mind the idiot car in the wrong lane made the decision for me when they turned their car hard to the left.  Interesting thing was that there was nothing to the left; only a curb and then the beach.  They ended up stopped perpendicular to the oncoming traffic.  They put the car in reverse and I was sure they were about to back right out in front of me, but they actually stopped for the line on cars to pass them before they tried anymore shenanigans.  

A barrage on expletives freed itself from my mouth as my heart worked on coming back down to a normal rate.  I've heard of things like this happening, but it's never happened to me.  Often I see stories to individuals that are killed by drunk drivers in this fashion, so all the scenarios of what could have happened were running through my head.  Thankfully nothing happened.  It reminded me of what my dad told my sister multiple times.  He had said that if you're driving late at night, like that, to stay in the far right lane.  He said that drunk drivers will often get into the right hand wrong lane of a split highway and think nothing of it.  I guess he was right. 

Keep your eyes peeled.

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