Thursday, July 12, 2012

Road Trip

I am a HUGE fan of spur of the moment decision making.  I am also a HUGE fan of road trips.  What could be better than combining the 2!?  That's exactly what we are doing tomorrow.  We are hitting the road at 9 in the morning heading down the highway to Atlanta.  We are going to see the Braves take on the Mets tomorrow night at Turner field!  I've never been to a major league game, so needless to say i'm pretty excited.  We were just kicking around the idea of seeing Chipper before he retires and it just happened.  Tim Hudson will be pitching against Chris Young, so it should be a good battle. 

I was a little on the excited side so I had 
to make it Facebook official!  

We had man night tonight so discuss the trip
over the best steaks on the coast!

Now i've broken out the best double feature
of all time for a little watching tonight.  This
brings back so many memories!

I will have a full update whenever I make it back.  Fingers crossed all goes well!  Here we come Braves!

Until Next Time,

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