Saturday, July 7, 2012

My 4th Through Photos

I know this is a few days late, but the last few days have been a little bit hectic for me.  As I am sitting here, I can't believe it's already the 7th of July!  Where has this year gone?  Maybe it's a good thing that it's gone by so fast because I am definitely having fun with it at this point.  I never said it, so happy 4th everyone!  I hope you all had a great time doing whatever it was that you were doing.  I've decided to take you on my journey of the 4th via the pictures I took.  Come along:

My 4th celebrations actually started on the 3rd.  Our little town decided to do our fireworks display a day early to save from any competition with the neighboring cities.  The beach was PACKED.  Scott, Andrew, and myself had decided to hop on our bikes and do a little ride beforehand.  We rode over to Biloxi and back, then sat down and watched the fireworks with the crowd.  It was  a nice little event that our town had put on.  Rosco Bandana was playing down at Fort Maurepas park to kick the night off followed by the fireworks.  There wasn't nearly enough parking for everyone that wanted to be there, but it was fun.  I was impressed with the level of anger we brought from people on the road because we were in the closed lane on bikes.  I don't know if they were mad because we were successfully navigating the traffic or what, but they were definitely upset with us and let us know if with a steady stream of profanity hurled our way.

I started out my 4th with a viewing of Ed Wood.  If you've never seen it, you should!  It's Burton/Depp at their finest.  It's a quirky little flick about the worst director in Hollywood's history; Ed Wood of course.  Martin Landau won an Oscar for his portrayal of Bela Lugosi and it's easy to see why when you watch.  Great cast + great subject = great movie.

This was a birthday present I received from some friends.  I was joking with everyone at the party that they finally put me on a hugger!  The bad part is that some of my family actually believed it. 

One of the best parts of the entire day was the fact that we had grandma's gumbo!  I'm getting hungry just looking at this picture.  She brought a huge pot of it over and we all ate until we were ready to pop.  We get together every 4th and have a big family cookout.  This year we even had my Uncle Scott in town.  I can't even remember the last time he was down here.  It was a nice mid week break for some good food and much needed cutting up.

I ended my night in kind of an odd way.  I have to admit something to all of you.  I have a little obsession.  That obsession is candles.  More specifically, fresh linen scented candles.  I actually have a general obsession with anything fresh laundry smelling.  I've even got dryer sheets stuffed down between the cushions in my couch.  Yes, I know i'm weird.  Don't we all have something that might seem a little bit odd to others?  Anyway, I decided to do everything by candlelight on that night.  Lamps and candles were the way they did it before power, so why shouldn't we do it now?  I even did some reading and writing with nothing but that calming glow.  You can make fun of me now.

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