Friday, July 20, 2012


I don't know what your views on dreams are, but mine tend to lean towards a loosely scattered collection of thoughts and things you've seen throughout the day.  I will admit that I do love to think and dwell on the dreams I've had.  I even like looking through the occasional dream book to see what is written about the elements of my dreams.  Where is this going?  I had a dream today that was pretty interesting.  Let's call it the skydiving dream.

I don't really remember where it started, but there were 4 people that I knew in this dream.  It was my friends Brandon, Andrew, Jake, and myself.  (back story: all of us were having an extended facebook comment conversation yesterday.)  Jake came up to the rest of the group and told us that he met a guy that was willing to take us skydiving for a great price.  What could go wrong right?  What else would we do?  We went!  We were all packed into a tiny plane that didn't have any seats heading towards the jump zone. We were all discussing some new hardcore technique for skydiving.  Jake was the first one out of the plane when we reached the jump zone.  He didn't even hesitate.  Brandon followed him out the door in nothing but a wet suit.  He didn't even have a chute on, but we were over water so I guess in my dream that was normal.  Perry took a stutter step when reaching the door, but was soon on his way down to the water.  When I got up to the door my entire thought process changed.  As I was looking out the door I could see that we were flying very low and close to a bridge.  The longer I stood there, the farther from land I got.  Am I supposed to swim back when I land?  Is someone going to pick us up?  Will my chute even have time to open at this low altitude?  As I was thinking, the plane kept getting further and further out to sea.  I back up from the door and sat back down.  I told the pilot to take me back to the airport.  

When I arrived back at the airport, and got down out of the plane, the rest of the guys were there waiting on me.  They were all soaked from their water landing and already razzing me when I walked up dry as a bone.  They had the right to be.  They all jumped and I couldn't.  I just backed away from the door and sat back down.  

When I woke up, I was actually relieved that it was only a dream.  I woke up feeling a little embarrassed.  Of course I had just taken a razzing from my friends.  When I realized I was awake I started thinking about it.  Why didn't I jump?  Is my subconscious trying to tell me something, or is it all just a loosely scattered collection of thoughts and things I had seen throughout the day?  I of course don't have the answer to that, but I have been thinking a lot lately.  Thinking about taking a pretty big leap.  I can't say too much about it at the moment, but is this my subconscious telling me to jump?  Jump Kyle.  JUMP!  I can almost hear it.  Live in the moment.  Don't live with the regret of not taking the leap!

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