Friday, July 27, 2012

Hello Ozarks

After a tired eleven hour drive yesterday, I finally made it up to Mountain Home, Arkansas along with the rain. It's been months since any rainfall has met the ground up here, but what was a dry creek in the morning was a raging white water filled river by the time the rain stopped in the evening. The joke yesterday was that I brought the rain with me from the coast (which was a blessing to these recently dry parts).

Being a night shifter, the daytime drive yesterday turned out to be torture in places. Driving with a hangover didn't help the cause any either. I just got off of a six night stretch at work on Wednesday morning, so I haven't had the time to swap my sleep schedule over yet. I got so sleepy, a couple of times, on the trip up that I had to pull over for much needed power naps before continuing on the journey.

The good news? I caught up on that sleep with a full twelve hours last night. I woke up to a beautifully sunny Friday morning in the Ozarks. From the back porch of the house there is a wonderful view of the surrounding hills and a glimpse of Shoal Creek Cove off of the massive Norfolk Lake. I'm looking forward to the potential of the day!

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Sharon burns-bilbo said...

well i was hopeing youed bring us some rain.buffalo river was even dry.hey if you want to see youer aunt that you havent seen sence you where a little boy.i can drive passed me last night.are mountainview.but there this guy i can meet up there that i've been talking to.hope you have a realy good time.youer aunt sharon 870-504-0735