Saturday, June 23, 2012

Plans Plans Plans

After tonight I will be halfway through my work week.  It's always hard working through the weekend, but I always survive.  This time I have some plans to look forward to.  I'll have a full 8 days off starting Wednesday morning and i've nearly got it all scheduled up.  First off i'll be going to see The Flaming Lips on Thursday morning!

And yes, those tickets say 9:45AM.  The whole situation has intrigued me.  Apparently the band is going to be breaking a world record by performing the most shows in a single day (take that Jay-Z!!).  They are doing it all in small venues and how lucky is it that they are doing it through south Mississippi and Louisiana!?  I will be seeing them next to the pool at Hard Rock Biloxi.  If nothing else, it will be a good story to tell one day.  

If you aren't familiar I definitely suggest listening to 
this album.  If you don't really have any experience
with experimental type music, it's.... different, but good

Following this surely to be awesome event, i'll be taking off super early Friday morning and going camping for a few days.  By early i'm talking 3am.  I'll be heading back up to the northernmost section of The Natchez Trace to return to Meriwether Lewis State Park.  I didn't spend the time I really wanted to there on my first trip, so i'm going to take a little extra time to dig deeper into this great little park.  My friends Logan and Jessica are supposed to be going with me, so it should be a really great time.  I'm looking forward to introducing someone new to the wonders of the Trace.  

The grave site of the great explorer Meriwether Lewis

On a completely different note, as i'm sitting here typing i'm also fulfilling my Saturday night tradition.  This time every week I enjoy tuning into my local public radio station and listening to A Prairie Home Companion.  A lot of people find humor in the fact that I get so excited about a weekly radio show, but what can I say? I was born in the wrong time.  They always have small news clips during the show and the one they had a few minutes ago really grabbed me.  They told a heartbreaking story about a car accident and a young child that found herself in a coma after it.  Then they told of the families worst nightmare, having to make the decision to let their daughter go.  Following this story, the singers and band played a rendition of "I Am Weary (Let Me Rest)" that was absolutely amazing.  It's such an emotional song to begin with that it really made for a fantastic moment.  I'll upload their version when they put it online tomorrow.

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