Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Butterfly Effect

According to the Merriam- Webster Dictionary, the butterfly effect is defined as:

a property of chaotic systems (as the atmosphere)
by which small changes in initial conditions can
lead to large- scale unpredictable variation in the
future state of the system.

This story actually goes back a few months.  My friends Logan and Jessica have decided to start a DJ business (website info to come).  This plan goes all the way back to probably February.  They have slowly been accumulating equipment and are finally set up to rock.  About two months ago a plan was developed for an intro to the business/ one year anniversary/ generalized get together bash.  I volunteered to provide the party with a cooler full of my infamous whoop juice.  That was the fluttering of the butterflies wings that would lead to my eventual demise.

The plans were finalized and the date was set for Friday night.  I got off of work on Wednesday morning and caught a few hours of sleep before setting out for the making of madness.  The key to the whoop juice is making it far enough in advance to allow all the fruit a good soak time.  So, Wednesday I went to the liquor store to gather up the key ingredients.

I don't often share my secrets, but here are the main 
components of "whoop" juice aka jungle juice aka
hunch punch aka whatever you call it.  It's basically
liquor, fruit, and fruit juice and it's a dangerous

Throughout Wednesday and Thursday night we began to create the party zone.  The room came to be called the "kill" room as it strongly resembled one of the rooms where Dexter fulfills his form of justice.  What we didn't really account for was that this stuff is basically identical to a slip n' slide when wet.  Poor planning, I know, but it really did look awesome.

Kill Room

I was proud as could be carrying that cooler full of that evil fluid into that party on Friday night.  Then when the initial reports came back confirming it's deliciousness, I felt like a proud parent.  I'm a bit of a catalyst when it comes to party.  I somehow always convince people to go outside the box to find their good time.  Friday was no different.  Then it didn't take any effort once everyone started filling themselves up with this delicious tropical paradise in a cup.  With the music playing and the lights going, everyone was having a great time.  

Let's fast forward a few hours.  I'm now many glasses in and in a state of consciousness that can only be described as impaired.  I am in the kill room and not even doing anything crazy at the moment!  I was standing there just talking when the inevitable happened.  My red solo cup decided to release itself from my services and bomb our plastic floor with it's tasty payload.  This is why we lined the whole room in plastic.  I'm going on about how dumb I feel, but how genius this idea was when it happened.  One misstep of my uncoordinated feet and i'm down.  My knee went down so hard into that concrete floor that i'm honestly glad that I really didn't hurt anything.  No permanent injuries doesn't mean I haven't been layed up for the past few days though.  Of course it didn't hurt me that night, but the next day I didn't know if I was going to be able to get out of bed.  A little stretching and it was free again, but I was stuck with the party injury.  Such is life I guess.

So in conclusion I volunteered to make the drink, built a plastic covered kill room, bought the liquor that reduced my coordination, made a cooler full of whoop juice, drank a lot of it, lost my coordination, spilled the drink, and slipped in the puddle.  There you go.  The butterfly effect!

On a different note I had set up my camera on the DJ table and was using my remote to randomly click off pictures all night.  After looking through all 250 of them I decided we definitely had a good night.  Here is a choice selection for my friends. 

Me getting the camera set up.  I guess the curtain
in the bottom of the frame didn't bother me at the time.
With a little cropping, these will still make some great

The only group shot we managed early in the night.

Random party shot.  I was creeping in the background
of almost all of the photos.  My remote doesn't work 
through bodies!

No idea...

I just really like the madness of this picture.  I'm apparently
in full howl right here!

Straight creepin!

At one point a full on dance circle broke out.

There are many many more pictures, but i'll spare you the time!  I can't wait to do this again.  I definitely have one amazing group of friends.  life is never boring with them around that's for sure!

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