Monday, May 7, 2012

Kyle Goes to Mayfest: Day 1

Ok, I did my best to document the Mayfest shenanigans, but sometimes things just don't turn out the way you think they might.  Wonder why?

Example #1.  This is how I started Mayfest.

Shortly after this Perry was knocking on my door informing me that it was time to begin.  He was a little bummed out because he was only in for a short ride on Friday night because he had to go into work later.  Apparently there was supposed to be a pub crawl on this night, but it just never seemed to materialize, or maybe we were just out of the loop.  We headed down to Leo's to meet Burt and get the night started.  I sat down on a wet cushion and started the night with wet pants.  I thought "This can't be a good sign." 

While we were sitting at Leo's, listening to an awful cover band, I decided that it would probably be a good idea to start taking notes in case I didn't remember anything the next day.  My phone died pretty early on in the night, but this is what I ended up with.

Let me explain a couple of things.  The band started playing Summer Breeze and it made me feel really awkward.  We were, after all, three guys sitting at a table together listening to Summer Breeze.  Here was my tweet about that moment.

The next note, just hit the chimes, was about them playing the Zac Brown song Free.  When all else fails, just start playing the chimes a lot.  (I need to get some chimes,  haha)  They started playing the Cupid Shuffle when the lead singer got down off the stage and started pulling people onto the dance floor so that he wasn't looking like a fool by himself.  That's when I noticed something pretty funny.  He was wearing Gold's Gym weight lifting gloves!  Now, i've seen guys wear gloves when they are playing the djembe before, but not weight lifting gloves!  Come on guy. Not only was he wearing weight lifting gloves, but he also yelled out "Somebody SCREAM."  Nobody screamed.

I went on to be fascinated at just how much Perry and Burton ate, then decided it would be awesome if I kept a log of how much we drank.  As you can see from the notes I didn't make it very much further.  We parted ways with Perry and headed down to the Grocery.  This is where the "gauntlet" was thrown.

We were just hanging out at the bar having a couple of drink when I came up with a wonderful idea.  The thing about the grocery is that they have this bucket of $2 beers.  Yes, $2 beers!  I had some cash in my pocket, so I made a little bet with Burton.  I bet him that he couldn't drink $20 worth of $2 beers (10 beers for those of you that aren't math majors).  If he won, I would simply pay for his efforts.  If I won, I demanded something else.  What could I want?  I am much more interested in humiliation than monetary benefit.  Do you really think he could do it?  The bartender Johnny gave him some tips, but it was to no avail.  I am a much better gambler than him and he bowed out after only 1 beer.  Sure, we had already had 6 before we started, but 1!?  That's just embarrassing.  As we left, I demanded payment.  Here it is:

The sweet words of victory.  There was more gambling this weekend, but that will come later.  After we left the grocery we were both several shots and beers in and definitely not planning on driving anywhere.  We decided to walk down to Mezo's.  We didn't make it very far before we hit Sekul's art gallery.  They had a booth set up outside selling none other than more adult beverages.  Burt decided to check it out and I soon followed.  I actually ran into a guy, Shane, that used to work with my dad and ended up sticking around and having a few more drinks there.  I had never been in there before, but there were some great pieces.  I'm planning on going back one day when i'm sober.  The one thing that really stood out was that the little dog in there was not a big fan of me! ha.. He was guarding the bathroom and was not very fond of me going in!  

From sekul's we continued on down the road to Mezo's.  This is when it all gets a little fuzzy.  I don't think I stayed out quite as long as I usually do, but I also don't really remember what time it was because my phone was long since dead.  I don't recall having any "epic" stories or meeting anyone overly odd.  No one threatened to punch me in the face this time, so that was a plus.  When I woke up the next morning I looked at the go box of food I had and saw that it had "special guy on the corner" written on the lid.  I had a little laugh and tried to remember who did that, but was unsuccessful.  If it was you, thanks! 

I had planned to do the whole weekend in one post, but not only would it be too much for anyone to actually want to read I'm pretty much just tired of typing now.  I will return with day 2 tomorrow!

Oh!  I have no idea why I wrote puns are funny in the notes, but it must have been a pretty good one for me to make note of it.  

Until Next Time,

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