Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Vinyl Countdown

I'm SO close to being off again.  This will be night six for me at work.  We've been busy enough lately that I haven't gotten called off either.  Don't get me wrong, i'm DEFINITELY not complaining about having work.  I love my job and have my fair share of bills that need paying, but I forgot just how tiring doing six in a row can be.  It will pay off in the morning though.  I will have eight days off now to do absolutely anything I want.  One night is nothing.  It feels like an entirely new week when you get to that last night.  What you might have lacked in motivation the previous few days, you make up for in enthusiasm on that last one.

Everyone has their own routines when getting ready for work.  Mine all largely depend on what time I wake up, but are generally revolving around music in one form or another.  This entire week before work i've been digging through my recently expanded vinyl collection here at my place.  On a trip to my parents house last week I was examining the huge stack of LPs I had left behind, over there, and couldn't believe some of the gems that I had left tucked away in that stack.  I loaded the stack in my truck and headed home with it to more closely sort through.

You can tell where my priorities lie.

Today, instead of my standard browsing through albums I knew exactly what I wanted to hear, before work, as soon as I woke up.  My favorite album growing up was a CCR greatest hits LP.  I've always been fond of that record and the band in general.  I think it has something to do with the fact that my dad once told me that he liked Creedence while we were riding around in his old truck.  The things kids remember.  If dad thinks it's cool, it MUST be cool right?  Anyway from that day on I was a CCR fan.  

I woke up early enough today to listen to the entire album too.  That has been rare these last couple of days because i've been sleeping right up to my alarm.  It just makes my nights better to hear those cracks and pops when you lay the needle on that black vinyl.  It has a certain quality charm to it that makes it more appealing to me than just turning on the iPod.  It's the same reason I listen to that little old radio.  Does that make me a sentimentalist?  I don't know, but I can assure you that i'm a fan of the "charm."  

My night 6 "pre-game"

I'm not sure if you have, but i'm sure some of my regular readers have noticed that i'm often TERRIBLE at endings.  How do you end a post like this?  "Go listen to some vinyl!"  See, that just doesn't sound right to me.  Maybe you can come up with a big database of proper endings for me and email them to me so I have something to just choose from when I get to this point.  The only proper ending I have for tonight is i'm out of time because I have to go get ready for work tonight.  Enjoy your Tuesday evening guys.

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