Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tour De Ocean Springs

Today was one of those intensely beautiful days down here on the gulf coast.  I picked up a half shift from 1 - 7 this morning, so I was a little bummed when I walked out to see the day that was ahead of me.  I knew from how tired I was when I got home that if I didn't set an alarm I would end up sleeping all the way through this amazing day.  

I finally drug myself out of bed around noon to see that although it was a good deal warmer, the beauty of the day hadn't let up a bit.  I had some business to take care of first off and got my mullet trimmed up a bit, but when I finally got back home I decided I needed to go for a little ride.  I carried my bike down the stairs, clipped in, and could tell from the first turn of the peddles that my legs were into it today and there was no telling where I would be heading.

I started out, like I always do, riding down and around the beach.  I just always feel like I need to see what's going on down there.  Then I headed into downtown.  You may have seen me if you were out and about today because I was everywhere!  I criss-crossed back and forth all over the place just enjoying the sights and the smells.  Everywhere I rode down there it smelled like honeysuckle.  That smell always reminds me of being young and seeking them out for that tiny drop of sweet liquid.  

Once I finally got tired of dodging traffic I decided it was time to head off to a couple of my favorite spots.  I weaved here and there through the back roads and came to the inner harbor park.  I navigated the side walks, up onto the pier/gazebo and parked the bike for a few minutes to take a few pictures.  While I was in there I noticed one of my BIGGEST pet peeves.  My first mention of this was in my post A Day Out.  Graffiti makes me angry to no ends!  It just bothers me that someone would go out of their way to deface something and make it an eyesore for the rest of us.  I enjoy getting and about and just hate a blatant disrespect of that.  

As you can see, they even decided that it would be just
awesome to burn the table as well.  

This I can stand.  Just kids playing with chalk.
Who would deny them that pleasure?

My view down the boardwalk to the Inner Harbor.

Inner harbor

I honestly just thought this tree was cool.
I like the way you could see the exposed roots
on the edge of the harbor.

I had some time to think while I was down at the Inner harbor and planned out the rest of my trip.  I decided that I was going to continue on and spend a little time at some of my favorite little spots around the area.  My first stop was the top of the wall on the bridge across the harbor on General Pershing just before it turns into Shearwater.  There is a spot where you can sit high over the harbor with an amazing birds eye view over the boats.  It's a great place to sit and relax as long as you're not scared of heights.

The view from my perch.

From there I continued on down Shearwater until I came out on East Beach.  Right before the beginning there is a little culvert where the water runs under into the bayou.  Just off the side of the road there is a great spot to kick back and relax.  I spent over a half hour just sitting there enjoying the sun and wind.  I enjoyed watching the pelicans circling around looking for dinner.  It was the perfect spot for some classic thinking about life.

My view from my spot on East Beach.

Crazy hobo-looking guy enjoying a little sun.

I had intended on continuing on down to the National Seashore Park and spending some time riding around there, but I spent too much downtime at my other spots to beat the 5 o'clock traffic.  If there is one thing I hate when riding, it's being the moving road block.  I can't stand having a line of cars behind me trying to work their way around me at increasing frustration levels.  There is nothing like having angry motorist seeing how close they can get to you while passing you.  

I headed back to my apartment, un-clipped from the peddles, headed back up the stairs, and called it a day.  I'm working on what to do tonight now.  It's my last night before heading back for a stretch at work.  I may head down to Sweet's for a little bit of vinyl appreciation.  

Until Next Time,

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