Thursday, April 5, 2012

Late Night Drive

I know it's been more than a few days since i've posted, but i'm never motivated to post when I work and i've pretty much just been lazy and not very in the mood.  It's strange how something as simple as writing a post can be so mood oriented, but if i'm just not inspired I don't feel like doing anything.  

I was on call for the first time in a while this past Tuesday night.  We've just been so short handed and also busy at work that we have been needing everyone that is scheduled.  So, even though i'm not on overtime this week, I openly embraced the opportunity to get a bonus night off.  Now, my luck with being on-call usually involves me being called in before the shift even starts, so when the clock struck midnight and I was still sitting there I started to grasp a little hope.  I have rarely been called in after midnight.  I started thinking of what I could do since I had slept all day and wasn't in the least bit tired.  

I decided to go for a drive.  Here's the back story.  Back when I was living on campus up at USM, I would take off across campus late at night to get away from whatever.  In the beginning I would go with my room mate at the time.  We would go to this huge oak tree and climb way up in the branches and lounge out talking about life and everything that came to mind.  That was great, but eventually my solo trips became more prevalent.  Then they became the only way.  I would turn my iPod up loud and just lose myself in the music, thought, and discovering all the secrets of the campus.  Just thinking about it now makes me miss those moments.   

After graduation while I was living back at home, I found that I still needed that alone time to lose myself for a bit.  Since I didn't have campus to hide in I started doing late night drives.  I would crank up shuffle and just ride to wherever my truck took me.  I never had a specific destination.  I would just think of something interesting or somewhere I would like to see at night and I would go.  Sometimes they were short and sometimes they were way too long.  I don't know why I couldn't just lay in my bed with my headphones on, but there was just something about getting away that made me feel like I was actually leaving whatever was on my mind behind.  

As I was sitting at home on-call Tuesday night, I decided it was time for another drive.  I put my scrubs on, in case they decided to call me, and headed out with the radio turned up.  Ocean Springs is a nice place at that time of night.  It was quiet.  The only place that had any cars was Mezo's.  If you'll remember back, Tuesday night was some pretty rough weather too.  It hadn't started raining yet, but the lightning was lighting up the sky while I was driving around.  I had to pull over and watch from the sea wall on East Beach for a few minutes before it started raining on me.  It was nice to get away for a little bit again without even having to leave town.  I headed back to my place and stayed up for a little bit longer watching the lightning before I called it a night, but I felt incredibly refreshed.  Sometimes you just need a little bit of time alone to level yourself back out.

Photo I snapped around 2:30 Wednesday morning.  
Looks like daytime doesn't it?

When i'm doing these little trips there are usually songs I end up repeating.  I repeat them because something usually strikes me about them at that moment.  I can't really explain what it might be, but here are the 2 I repeated Tuesday.

Amos Lee- Windows Are Rolled Down

Louis Armstrong- Moon River

Is there something you do when you just need to get away?

Until Next Time,

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mcarver said...

Yay! MOON River! Next time you're not on call... you should take the long ride this way and we hit the beach with the lanterns. Matt