Monday, April 30, 2012

I've Been Bitten

A couple of days back I mentioned locating a benchmark out in the middle of nowhere.  What is a benchmark?  A benchmark is basically just a marker used in surveying the country.  They can mark property boundaries, elevation changes, and some are used as navigational aids.  I became very interested in the whole concept of benchmarks instantly.  I did a little research and discovered an entire network of people that hunt for and log different benchmarks.  There is a large database where you can get coordinates and survey notes on the different markers.  

I had a fairly tame night at work, last night, and spent quite a lot of time researching the markers in my area.  These things are basically everywhere!  You probably pass at least one a day and probably don't even notice it.

Because I went to be so early today, I ended up waking up early.  I decided to grab my bike and head downtown for my first find.  I did a drive by on this one this morning, so I knew exactly where I was going.  I just wanted to get a chance to see it and take a few pictures of it.  This one is a SUPER easy find.  It is right across from Marshall Park on the side of one of the buildings.  Chances are you've just never noticed it.  It was placed in 1918 and remains to this day in very good condition!

The location.  On the corner of Washington Ave. and West
Robinson St.  You can see the benchmark right below the 
street sign.

The benchmark.

The trendy Instagram version.

I know i'm a huge dork and have some pretty "different" hobbies, but this may be a new obsession of mine!

Until Next Time,


Andrew Perry said...

Thats actually pretty cool there bro

Misti said...

I love finding benchmarks, especially the older ones because you know those guys worked even harder than the guys now.