Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Loathe Telemarketers

Why, all of a sudden, are telemarketers blowing up my phone all day long!?  Over the last couple of months i've had an increase in telemarketer traffic to my cell phone.  It started out with a Washington number that led to a recorded message about being approved for loans and increasing your credit score.  I just learned not to answer that number and the calls began to slack off over time.  

Now, over the past couple weeks i've been getting calls from Oregon.  More specifically Gresham, Oregon.  I've done a couple Google searches of the number and find that there is a LOT of people have complained about the same thing as me.  You get multiple calls a day usually related to a credit card. 

 I typically just don't answer numbers that I don't recognize, but as my frustration level grew after a few days I started answering. I have yet to actually hear anything on the other line.  There hasn't been any recordings.  It may have something to do with the foul way I answer the phone in my angry form.  I decided to call the number back yesterday.  There was a recorded message on the other end that stated what the company was (can't remember) and that if you don't want the calls to continue press 1.  The message stated that I will no longer receive any calls and to allow 24 hours for the change to occur.

What has the result been of pressing 1?  Instead of a few calls during the day, now i'm getting one about every one to two hours.  Awesome, right?  Also instead of calls only generating from Gresham i've started receiving calls from Astoria, Oregon.  My first thought when seeing a number from Astoria was that the Goonies were finally calling me to invite me to join the gang.  I would answer that call any day!  How awesome would it be creeping around in tunnels looking for treasure with Sloth while running from the Fratellis!  But, to my dismay it was another recorded message regarding credit.  I swear that these people are just trying to drive me mad.  Well they are serving their purpose because i'm borderline crazy at this point!

You can see how often they are calling!  

Until Next Time,
Angry as ever,

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Sebastian A. Damgaard said...

Those telemarketer have a list of phone numbers that's why they are always calling you,the bad thing is they are giving a service that you don't like and they always calling you and it feels really annoying.