Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fill Me In

Last night, I promised a friend of mine from nursing school that a night out in Ocean Springs would not disappoint.  The bits of food scattered about my apartment are telling me that it was probably a pretty great night.  I'll have to admit that i've got a wicked hangover, but that's half the fun.  Yes, hangovers suck, but when you can still laugh about it they are at least tolerable.  

I'm working on putting together all the bits of memory from last night.  I'm seeing pictures.  I've got new numbers in my phone, but the entire night is pretty much running together in my mind.  Here are the cliff notes that are highlighted in my head from last night.

  • Cold beer
  • Tequila
  • The Government Street Grocery was out of EVERY beer that I asked for so I settled into the taste as cold as the Rockies again.
  • Someone beating on the bathroom door
  • Crazy eyed guy playing a washtub bass (that was actually pretty awesome)
  • DKB with co-workers at the pelican.
  • More cold beer
  • Talking college football long after football season
  • Ran into family
  • Took pictures with formerly mentioned co-workers
  • Made  the move to Mezo's
  • No cover!
  • Beer and delicious shots
  • Memory is getting fuzzy
  • Ran into people from high school?  Can't remember who it was, but i'm pretty sure I hadn't seen whoever it was since then.
  • Put money in the jukebox and played the only Band Of Horses song that was on there.
  • Made new friends because of the Band of Horses.. thanks guys!
  • Got called Allen by everyone
  • Talked tattoos with new friend.
  • spilled SOCO................. fail
  • It was cold
  • Really fuzzy
I still think that's a pretty good list from a fuzzy brain.  Looking the list over, i'm pretty sure that I may be borderline awesome.  AND no one even threatened to "break my jaw like glass" this time.  That's always a victory!  If you have more information to help me fill in the gaps it would be very much appreciated! haha

Until Next Time,

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