Saturday, March 10, 2012

Why I Don't Do Pre-Workout Supplements

There is a simple answer to this question, but i'm not a simple answer kind of person so here goes.  Me and my buddy Jason work out together from time to time.  I like having someone like him to work out with because it really pushes me to take it to the next level.  You will never get the results you desire without pushing yourself.  Me and him joke around a LOT about working out, so when I got the text yesterday that he was on his way with some "get jacked" juice, I knew I was in for it.

As time goes on, i've become more and more cautious about using different supplements.  Not necessarily because they are bad, but because I just don't tolerate that kind of thing very well for some reason.  I'll have a bad experience, go a couple of months and just kind of "forget" about it.  So when Jason showed up with a shaker full of pink liquid yesterday I was thinking, "hey, maybe i'll give this a shot again."  

This is the pink liquid in "JUG" form!

When we showed up at the gym and it was doing exactly what it's designed to do.  I had a ton of energy and we were blowing through our workout.  I'm sore enough today to prove it!  As the workout progressed, I started feeling it.  I wasn't feeling so hot.  I could feel it down in my stomach, but I kept just suppressing it and keeping on.  Then my mouth started watering a little.  I was thinking, "Oh no, this can't be good."  "Just walk it off, breath deep, and you'll be fine."  I started basically walking laps around the gym and wasn't really working out anymore.  When Jason asked if I was done, "oh yeah" was the only thing I could say.

After the workout Jason suggested going to Coffee Fusion for a smoothie.  I thought this sounded like a great idea so we headed in, ordered, and sat down.  About 2 minutes after we got our drinks I started feeling REALLY bad.  The kind of bad when you know the ending is inevitable.  My mouth starting watering like a faucet and I just said, "we need to go!"  We hopped in the truck and headed off back towards my place.  I had the window rolled down so the wind could blow in my face just hoping to make it home.  It seemed like the traffic wasn't moving and my place was farther that it's ever been.  When we got downtown all I could see was the people all around, so I quickly redirected Jason down a side road to get out of site of the crowd.  We were finally getting close and I was thinking that I just might make it.  I was WROOOONNNNNG!  I couldn't even speak.  I just pointed to the side of the road and out the window I went.  

Dramatic Re-Creation!  It kind of tasted and looked
exactly the same both times! haha, sorry for being
a little gross.

Needless to say, I've sworn that stuff off again for now.  Now we just wait and see if I "forget" again.  Let's hope not!  After this little event, I felt 100 times better and was able to continue my day without further incident.  

When I got back home, the construction workers were hard at work beginning the remodel of the recently vacated apartment.  This past fall the little complex I live in was completely remodeled for the first time since it was built back in 1957!  They were all remodel, but #1.  So finally they are tearing it out, much to my daytime sleep attempting dismay.  When we pulled up there was an off yellow tub laying in the driveway.  Talk about right out of the 50's!

Need a tub?

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Anonymous said...

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Allie@primalforce said...

You know, you really should check that out with doctor. It seems like a simple reaction but there may actually be some ingredient in the supplement that you are having a serious reaction to.

I remember some rare disease someone told me about that their friend died from after taking body builder supplements. Apparently it only affects a small segment of the population.

Those muscle and energy booster work well for many people however if you notice a reaction, it's wise to tread carefully.