Monday, March 19, 2012

The St. Patrick's Day Massacre

This day had the potential of turning into a completely different story, but because of the amazing friends I have it turned into another one of those memories I hope we will be talking about when we are old.  My original plans involved me going downtown to our local pub crawl and probably calling it a night early.  Thanks to Matt and very little convincing I decided to catch a ride over to Waveland to celebrate St. Pat's/Leah's birthday with the rest of the crew.

I still started out downtown though!  I met Perry and Lucy down at the Government St. Grocery for some lunch and an amazing Abita Strawberry.  The food down there is fantastic and the fact that they had the strawberry in stock, there was no other choice for me!

If you haven't tried it you must!

When we finally made it over to Waveland we got right down to business.  We started washing and purging all the crawfish and working our way into the keg.  

Logan torturing the crawfish!

Me "examining" the crabs.  Delicious!

Once we had the first load into the pot we decided it was time for the first toast.  I came prepared for this moment and broke out my little surprise!

Green Jello Shots!  Oh yeah!

With the jello shots down the hatch, the party was ready to take off.  We kept an even keel on any shenanigans until all the eating was done.  Eating crawfish in too impaired of a state can be dangerous!  They were SOOOO good too.  This is the first I think anyone of us has had all year.  Once bellies were full we kicked it in to high gear.

We headed inside to escape the ferocious bugs and cranked up the music.  We polished off the jello shots and Matt decided it was time for the Irish car bombs.  I'll never turn one of these delicious collaborations of Irish liquors down.  Matt admitted to me, the next day, that he doesn't remember much after this point! This is where I insert hysterical laughter to myself.  haha.  The night didn't end there for me.

After the car bomb experience a couple of us were standing at the bar flipping cups just showing each other how good we were at it and we decided it was time to begin the games.  We all decided that we were WAY too good at flip cup and that beer pong sounded like a much better idea.  Matt's brother and myself went outside to retrieve the table, walked it through the door, and relocated it into the kitchen.  Perfect fit!  We established the ground rules and then battled it out in rock, paper, scissors to determine which team would go first.  Before we began I decided we needed another round of the Irish Car Bombs.  This probably wasn't the best idea, but Matt set them back up (even though he doesn't remember this) and down the hatch they went.  

Time to play!  We got it going and it was easy to see, from very early on, that this wasn't going to turn out well for my team.  Cups were leaving our side of the table in a hurry and with back to back shots Perry and Matt's brother cleared the table and filled my stomach with way too much beer.  "Uh oh... i'm not feeling so good guys" was the only words I could really say after this game.

I ambled around the house for a bit denying the inevitable, but who was I fooling?  I made an announcement to the room that I would return in a few minutes and headed out the back door.  I returned a few minutes later victorious (you can fill in the time gaps here) and ready to rock!  I was in full on Kyle go go mode and started yelling for someone to set them back up.  I insisted that everyone return to their feet and return to being awesome.  They all did because they are awesome and we continued into the night.  I continued my losing streak in beer pong, but it didn't matter because we were having a blast!

Perry in the middle of another beating!  It 
must have been the tight t-shirt that gave him
his powers! haha.  I remember taking this picture
because I thought the way the other team
decided to consolidate their cups was hilarious!
3+1+1= Really guys?

The night continued on and eventually wound down.  Some people left. Others just fell asleep where they were.  I was the last one awake.  I was laying on the couch thinking about how great of a St. Pat's this was.  I really do have some amazing friends and wouldn't trade any of them for anything in the world.  We get a little crazy from time to time, but that's just life!

We woke up the next day and for the most part felt pretty miserable. I remember Matt asking how the table got into the kitchen and then retelling the nights events!  I felt ok, but I must've still had some alcohol in my system because my hangover didn't set in really hard until after we ate Waffle House.  We were all pretty slow moving on Sunday, but we still had a plan.  We were going to recover the best way we knew.  We loaded up and headed down to the beach.  Once we got down there everyone started feeling a lot better and all the smiles and laughter started to return.  I enjoyed receiving my first sunburn of the season.  It was the perfect relaxing ending to a pretty fantastic weekend!

I'm back to work tonight.

Until Next Time,

Happy Birthday Leah!

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Leah Danielle said...

Kyle- Thanks for the bithday jello shots- they were delicious!!!!!!! :) Super amazing fun night!