Thursday, March 1, 2012

Life's Too Good to be SO Angry

I've been noticing something over the last week or so.  I've had several things that have just made me SOOO angry.  A lot of things that, looking back on, just weren't that detrimental to my sanity.  Why did it make me so angry?  I don't have the answer to that.  I came extremely close to even posting about them.  Before I ever reached that point I was able to back away and realize that these things just weren't that important.  How far does anger and complaining really get you after all?  From experience it usually makes you look like an idiot.  

Today was one of those days that really brought me back to my senses.  Maybe it was the weather?  It has been awfully dreary around here for the past week.  March 1 brought a whole new light to the coast though.  It was beautiful today.  Quite warm too.  Only down here do you have people sunbathing and playing beach volleyball on the first day of March.  This was one of those days that reminds me of everything I have down here.  

I started the day a little bit late after trying to recover from that crazy sleep schedule I had yesterday.  I met a friend of mine down at Tom's Extreme Pizzeria for a late lunch.  It was pretty nice.  We sat at the bar and grabbed a beer to start out.  A Southern Pecan to be more specific.  I was pretty amazed when I got my check and realized they were only $2.50!  I don't know if they were on special or what, but that could get dangerous at that price! (good thing I only live walking distance if i'm ever feeling the call of the danger.)  I had the Biloxi shrimp pizza to eat and it was fantastic, as always.

After lunch we decided to do a little riding around downtown and down around the beach; on our bikes.  It was a little warm today, but the breeze really made up for the heat.  That is pretty much one of our constants down here.  That breeze coming off the Gulf is wonderful.  

At one point while I was riding I remember having a very specific thought.  "Why was I so angry? Life is way too good for all this anger."  Isn't that the truth?  I tend to be a little more optimistic than anyone really should be, but I always seem to be able to find the light in everything.  Maybe it's the fact that the little things in life make me happier than almost anything.  I can typically find one thing that makes everything feel ok.  More often than not it will be a song, but today it was just simple beautiful weather.  

Life.... enjoy it.... you only have one...

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