Thursday, March 22, 2012

I Don't Hate the Rainy Days

As I got to work last night the skies were starting to darken up pretty significantly.  I had seen the forecast and the weather was definitely on it's way.  As the night progressed we started hearing the thunder cracking outside and were seeing the lighting flashes outside the windows.  My anticipation was starting to grow.  I was wishing I was at home enjoying it for sure.  The good news is that it isn't something that will just blow over in a hurry.

I think we left work at the perfect time this morning.  The rain was just light enough that we didn't receive a thorough soaking on the way to our vehicles.  Within minutes of leaving I found the down pour.  I could barely see at one point.

Driving down the beach to my place.

As I was nearing my apartment the rain lightened once again allowing me to make it inside without  getting soaked.  I got inside and looked out over the harbor and began seeing the potential.  There is nothing like sleeping with the sound of the rain and wind.  The good news, this is a REALLY good rain.  It's a good hard rain.  My only real plan for today was to take a nap and catch up on a little sleep.  I don't think this is going to be a problem at this point.  There are plenty of other things that can make a rainy day very enjoyable, but today i'm going to be satisfied with this rainy nap.

Well i'm off to fulfill my plans for the day.  I hope you're not a rain hater!  Enjoy it..

Until Next Time,

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