Friday, March 23, 2012

He's Got the Moves Like Jagger

I didn't really feel like sitting around the house last night, so after hanging out with some friends for a bit I headed down to Mezo's for karaoke night.  Now i've been down there for a couple of these nights, but last night took home the prize for the most bizarre.  The typical Thursday night crowd down there is mid 20-30 somethings just kind of chilling out and having a good time.  There was a good bit of this demographic, but there were a couple of treats thrown in.  There was a bit of an older crowd mixed in and this older crowd was something else.  They were straight out of the 60's!  It was like they had been transported back in time but in their present bodies.  There was even a couple of the super trashy crowd not commonly seen in there.

When the karaoke started up they seemed to be the only people signing up.  The first song that was sung was Tiny Dancer by Elton John.  I'm going to call the character of the night Jagger because he sure thought he was.  From the way he held the mic, to the way he moved and waved his arms, he knew that me was Mick Jagger.  He was the one that started the night off with tiny dancer.  He only knew about half of the words and didn't bother looking at the screen for the rest.  He mumbled out the first verses while the majority of the crowd sat there stunned or laughing.  Then it happened.  I was sitting in superb anticipation while he was nearing the chorus.  There is so much potential for disaster or glory.  The music builds up and then, to my amazement, the entire bar breaks into song! "Hold me closer tiny dannnnnceer!"  I was thinking "it this really happening right now?"  He may not have known the words, and he may not have been able to sing, but he knew how to pick a song and work the crowd!  I began smiling at this point and waited to see what was on it's way.

A man with stocky build and a big burly beard got up.  I was wondering what he might possibly sing?  Is it going to be some Hank Williams Jr. or maybe Lynyrd Skynryd?  No!  He sang, and knew every word of, the Humpy Dance!  The humpty dance is your chance to do the hump.  Do the humpty hump!  Then we went back to the sixties again.  A lady that had been kind of just walking quietly around the bar all night got up and sang Me and Bobby McGee.  Of course it was terrible, but that's beyond the point.  It was happening.  The most bizarre night of karaoke was in full swing.  Then it became pure madness.  

Guess who was due back up?  Here comes Jagger back up to the stage.  He has had several more drinks by this point and was ready to get his act into full swing.  What is he going to sing this time?  Then he goes for it.  He chose Honky Tonk Women by the one and only Rolling Stones!  It was time for him to truly become Jagger.  He grabbed that mic and started to strut.  The music started and he lit into the song.  A crowd had gathered out in front and began to dance. (I really love drunk people watching!)  He is really getting into it.  He hits the chorus and the place erupts again.  The entire 60's crew is singing along as well as the 20-30 somethings.  Then something even crazier happens.  One of the "super trashy" crew comes in, hits the dance floor, and next thing you know her shirt is swinging around her head!  She is in total free spirit mode dancing it out for everyone's entertainment.  When she was done singing she spent a few minutes going from person to person in the bar and randomly flashing them.  I looked over at the karaoke host, who is also one of the bartenders, and we both gave each other a puzzled look.  A look that was the equivalent of saying, "is this really happening right now?"

We both agreed that this was one of the most bizarre crowds that we had ever seen in there.  My mind was completely boggled by everything that was happening.  You really never know what you are going to run into when you head out downtown.  Last night was just further proof to me that I live in one of the best places that you could imagine.  I love Ocean Springs!

Jagger was just living the dream!

Who Jagger really thought he was.  I often wish
I could be transported back to these days to catch
some of these amazing shows!  Rock and Roll was 
a completely different beast back then.  Look at it!
No fancy pyro, no lights, nothing!  They are up there
with their instruments and mics and straight up 
attitude!  It's pure madness there!

So, i've got a question for you guys today.  We are talking about Jagger from last night here.  Do you think he is secretly a total genius or nothing more than a local drunk?  Think about it.

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