Saturday, March 31, 2012

Do I Have To Go Back To Work?

After yesterdays little kayaking expedition and the back soreness from helping my dad haul an elliptical up the stairs of their house, I wasn't really interested in doing anything but staying right where I was on my couch last night.  I even had invites on the table for different things, but I just wasn't going to budge.  That was until I got the text from Matt.  Now there is different people that you can kind of pass off when they make claims, but when MCarver says put on your pants because tonight's going to be awesome you take notice.  So, to my initial dismay, I put on said pants, combed my hair, brushed my teeth, and headed out the door to meet them over at the Hard Rock.

The night just wouldn't have started right if we didn't eat all of those crab legs.  Somehow I survived that portion of the night without getting a spot on the white shirt I was wearing.  I have to admit, I was pretty proud of that little fact because i'm constantly blemishing perfectly good looking clothes with one thing or another.  We headed out of there to meet up with some of Leah's friends.  Now her friends had never been there and were pretty willing so they wanted to check out everything.  I'm not always the biggest fan of some of the places we went into last night, but if it's for a good cause (entertainment) i'm always up for it!  

After we had spent a little time taking in a little music from the Dustin Kahlil Band at center bar we headed over into roadhouse to see what was happening.  We were having fun listening to the music and people watching when Matt walks over to me with a proposition.  The proposition was in the form of tequila in shot glasses with a little salt and lime.  I guess if we are going to do this we better do it right!  Down the hatch they went and Kyle's switch was being flipped.  Tequila is my weakness.  Everyone reacts differently.  As for my reaction, it's something like "look out here comes Kyle Go-Go party mode."  

SN:  There was a guy at the bar there that refused to believe that I wasn't Zac Brown.  I could've probably used that to my advantage and gotten drinks for my entire crew, but I still had morals at this point and couldn't bring myself to do it.  He kept telling me how great the song "Colder Weather" was.  I just nodded and left.  I wish I could say that no one else misidentified me for the rest of the night but that is not true.  The nights are riddled with random Alan and Zach comments.  I need to start writing them down.  Back to the night...

While I was beginning to feel the tequila warmth spread throughout my torso I was informed that we were headed up to the ledge now.  One of my friends had already asked me, that night, if I was going to be headed up to the "tool" bar.  I answered honestly with "I can't make any promises."  Good thing I did because "tool" bar here we come.  As we were walking in I had to pull Matt aside and make him promise that he wouldn't let me take any more shots at the moment.  Between the evil mixture of crab legs, beer, and tequila, if I had added anything else to that mixture it probably would have all returned back to the world through the same entrance that led it to my stomach.  So, thankfully this isn't one of "those" stories this time.  We stayed in there for a bit.  It was hotter than hell in that place and Matt kept presenting me with small glasses of a wonderful blue concoction so my situation wasn't improving.  

We decided to press on and head over to the Beau.  This is when things began getting a little funny.  (At least we thought it was funny)  As we were about to head out the front doors of HR Matt stopped us to expose a discovery.  He found shoes!  They were just sitting there as if someone had just walked out of them and never turned back.  We may end up on a news report or some hidden camera show, but Matt decided to just go ahead and carry them out with us.  If they are yours, you can figure out how to contact me! haha

Recognize these???

If you've been to the hard rock then you've probably seen the little ad car on the west side of it up on the side walk.  Chances are you've probably taken pictures in front of it.  I seem to be collecting pictures of myself with all kinds of different people in front of it.  It's kind of a running log of my social life.  Anyway, we decided we needed one last night so Matt flagged someone down.  Sometimes you just end up picking out the winners.  We all squeezed in for the picture, smiled, and waited for the flash.  Flash!  Thanks man, we really appreciate it.  Here was the result I saw when looking at my phone.

Nice!  We all look like we're having such a great time!

We flagged down someone else for a second attempt.  This one turned out a little bit better.

I can remember saying, "Ok, everyone come in close so
we all look like best friends!" I think we may have even
pulled it off!  haha I make myself laugh sometimes.  
Notice the shoes between my knees? 

I'm pretty sure it was raining as we were making our way down the sidewalk to the Beau, but we didn't care.  I have a long list of stories related to the Coast nightclub.  Most of them involve either myself or someone in my group getting kicked out.  We have a real love/hate relationship, but we were giving it another shot.  Speaking of shots apparently I was ready for those again at this point too because the Jager bombs we had just tossed down had me to the point of can't sit still.  I'm not a club type person by any stretch, but when I get into that condition I always think that I am.  Oh well, I'm sure everyone else ends up enjoying it.  

This song played at one point and I'm sure I annoyed 
everyone to no ends because I couldn't stop singing it!
As "cool" as I think that I am on these night, i'm sure
it's a lot more like Seth Rogen's character here.

On the topic of "cool," that is something that I am not.  Everyone reacts to their increasing levels of inebriation differently.  Some people get angry and want to yell and fight, that's not me.  Some people cry, not me either.  Some people get really annoying, can't rule that one out you'll have to be the judge.  Then some people are kind of like me.  I can get a little talkative.  I'm definitely laughing because everything seems funny, and I get way more out going and friendly, but that's pretty normal for most people.  I always wish I had "game," but sadly I just don't.

We stayed in there for a while until Matt and myself completely had ourselves convinced that we needed to be at Mezo's.  We parted ways with some of the group, dropped Leah off on my couch, and me and Matt head for "home."  I call it home because i'm pretty sure that's what I called it when I walked in there last night.  This place was popping for 3 in the morning!  It was a full house and they were all having fun.  I sure do love that place!  Mezo introduced us to her strawberry flavored pudding shots which were amazing enough that we instantly ordered more.  We hung out there and watched the crowd dwindle down before finally calling it a night.  

I woke up this afternoon with that awesome headache.  My dresser was littered with receipts and my hands were covered in the various stamps of the different establishments we had visited that night.  I looked in the mirror and had to laugh at the way I looked.  

I always censor the crazy people I meet.  I guess
i'm no exception!  

The headaches may not be fun, but they are endlessly worth it.  It turns me into the guy above when I wake up, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  This is the stuff life is made out of.  Who doesn't want to have great stories from the "good old days" when they "grow up?"  It's not me because i'm busy at work cataloging my list of tall tales.  Enjoy it while you can.

Until Next Time,

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