Tuesday, March 27, 2012

1000 Awesome Things

I don't often post like this, but when I do it's typically for good reason.  You can be the judge on that one.  I follow quite a few blogs, so i'm always catching up on new posts.  I was flipping through my list the other night at work and came across a post by Neil Pasricha over at 1000 Awesome Things.  There was just something about the title that caught my eye and told me I needed to take a look.  The post was titled #19 Remembering all you've learned from old boyfriends and girlfriends.  The title alone depicts a post that could take you in many different directions.  What did he mean by all you've learned?  I had to know so I clicked on the link and began reading.  As I was reading I kept looking down at the post to see if I could see the end because I wanted it to just keep going.  

Relationships are tough sometimes.  They are filled of many ups and downs.  I know only a very select few people that have fallen in love with and married their first love.  Coming to the end of a relationship is never easy.  (No matter how easy some people say it might be.)  There are many reasons people go their separate way.  My favorite from this post was:  

"Or maybe you were in a relationship where you couldn’t really explain it but smiled sad smiles with weary wet eyes because you both just knew it was over"

Have you ever been there?

The whole point of that post was to evoke emotion and that it did.  He says that it's ok to explore those past relationships because they were shaping you into the person you are today.  Isn't that the truth!?  They may have ended badly, but you don't have to go on only thinking negatively about the situation.  

Ok I feel like i'm babbling now.  Follow the links to the post and see for yourself!

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