Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Propping My Eyes Open

Well, it looks like my Wednesday wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped it would be.  I almost completely passed on the opportunity to write tonight, but I hate getting too far behind.  I had to work last night.  That's nothing new.  The wonderful part, though, was that I had to attend a stroke class out at MGCCC afterwards.  Anyone that knows me pretty well knows that I can barely make it past 8:30 on a morning following a night at work.  I always come home and try to watch sportscenter (and I really like sportscenter) and end up falling asleep on the couch.  My schedule was thrown all off by this class!

I tried preparing for the inevitable disaster long before the class even started.  I got one of my best days of sleep the day before, so I thought I was golden.  I worked on plenty of these throughout the night to try and increase my odds of survival.

As valiant as my efforts may have been, I barely made it out alive.  Struggle has an entire new meaning for me in the staying awake front.  That 8:30 mark hit me HARD.  My head started bobbing hard enough to hurt the average neck.  Somehow I pulled through.  I think it was mostly because of this picture.

Thanks for this one Karee!

When we noticed Mark, unabashedly, sleeping behind us I couldn't help but to laugh.  Then the laughs just wouldn't stop.  You know the kind.  That sleep deprived, everything is possibly the funniest thing you've ever heard, ridiculous, annoying, giggle that you roll your eyes at when it's not you doing the giggling.  Yeah that was me.  Then one of the presenters put me over the edge.  She was describing the feeling of a stroke headache.  She used the term "Thunder clap headache" and I don't know what it was, but that was the last straw holding my sanity together.  I was trying SO hard to keep it together.  I didn't draw too much audible attention to myself, but if you looked my way you would've seen the full body laughing convulsions and me wiping the tears off of my face.  

After my little laughing fit, I felt wide awake.  It felt like I had hit my 5th wind and I was going to pull this one out.  They sent us to a break and I was feeling good until we came back.  Finally during the second half of presentations I hit that deadly wall.  I'm sure everyone around me was enjoying how hard my head was flopping around.  I felt like I had lost all control of my neck.  I would startle awake from time to time, but I was beyond saving at this point.  As soon as they said "Ok we are done," I was LONG gone.  As soon  as I sat down at home I was out.  I finally woke back up around 7:45 this evening.  So much for flipping my schedule back around today.  Looks like i'll be up for a while, so hit me up!

Until Next Time,

(If I hadn't have proof read this one you all would've thought I was pretty stupid! haha)

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