Monday, February 13, 2012

Ghosts of the Coast

As many of you know already, I work nights.  Thus, I sleep during the day.  I've never been real good at the whole daytime sleeping deal.  I used to think that was a problem.  Some days I do sleep all day, but not most.  I wake up around 2 o'clock almost daily.  I don't even know why I keep my alarm set for 5!  That NEVER happens.  I've started taking a new approach with this problem.  Instead of being mad about it, I have just begun to embrace it.  I use that time to get up and get things done before work.  I like getting out and enjoying the afternoons this time of year.  

Today was no different.  Like clockwork, my body woke itself up around 2.  I decided to get out and go for a little walk down the beach.  As I do nearly daily, I passed the old skeletal remains of the former seafood factory.  

I don't know my history well enough to tell you a whole lot about this place, but it has been there for my entire life.  I can remember, as a kid, holding my nose as we drove by it.  It had a very distinct dead fishy smell.  Of course there we constant complaints from the residents nearby, but the place had been there so long that nothing was ever done.  After a while you just kind of got used to it and expected it.  (side note:  it didn't always stink!)  A couple of years ago something happened that you might remember.  New Orleans got the majority of the coverage, but Hurricane Katrina was devastating all across the gulf coast.  The old seafood factory was one of the victims. The concrete frame work, shown above, is all that remains of the place.

I don't know how long it is going to stand like this.  It's obviously been several years already and it's still standing, but I know one day it will be gone.  I know it may have been an eyesore.  I know that on some days it smelled quiet foul, but that was just part of our little piece of this world.  Some days I swear I can still smell it.  Every time I pass it I have a flood of memories of growing up here.  You really can't ask for a better place to come from.

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