Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Day Out

The other day my buddy Jason and I hit the road for a few hours just to get out and unwind from work.  We headed up one of our typical routes into the country around the area of my Grandpa's hunting camp.  We headed up there taking all the back roads we could.  We always end up trying to become the Dukes of Hazzard by sliding around all the corners.  If we only had a dixie horn!  We rode way down this old dirt road to get to an access point of Red Creek.  When we showed up I instantly saw something new.  It was hard to miss the big new sign right on the side of the road.  

I was pretty excited to see that they are starting to put this kind of thing up.  It's very informative allowing you to see many different access points and points of interest.  There was something that made me pretty mad though.

This sign has already been shot!  This lack of respect just makes me SO mad.  I don't know what possesses someone to just go and tear something up.  A few idiots really know how to ruin everything for the rest of us don't they?  This didn't take long either.  I was out here only a few weeks ago and this sign wasn't even up yet.  

When we headed down the trail we noticed something very quickly.  The creek was REALLY high.  It was about as high as i've ever seen it.  It was well over it's banks and making it's way up the trail.  

The creek looked pretty intimidating at this level.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to climb up and out over the creek like I was still 12 years old.

I'm pretty glad that I kept my footing while I was up there because when I felt the water it wasn't very appealing for a swim.  With the perfect weather we decided to get off the beaten trail and bushwhack  up the creek a little bit.  We found ourselves in an amazing cypress grove that I didn't even know existed.  You have to be careful down in there because not only will the cypress knees trip you up, they look like they would be painful to land on.  We found an amazing spot for camping and have made plans to come back at some point to tackle that.  

I just thought this old twisted stump was pretty cool.

After we finally made our way back out of the woods we decided to ride down the road a few miles to another one of the access points to see how high the water was compared to the bridge.  We got out there and as expected the water was still just as high.  Surprise surprise.  We had a quick competition to see who could throw a rock all the way across the swollen creek.  Muscled up Jason made quick work of this contest.  

After the big contest our curiosity got the best of us and we decided we had to go see what was under the bridge.  Guess what was there??  Graffiti!!  And plenty of it.  This is another one of the things I just don't get.  This isn't the hood.  There is no one marking their territory.  This is the middle of BFE, miles from anything that resembles civilization.  What is the appeal of spray painting anything on a bridge?  Maybe I just don't get it.  Maybe it's the most romantic thing the uneducated cretins of society can do to find a suitable partner.  I don't know, but these were some of my favorites. 

I like to imagine that Bill brought Stacie here to profess his love for her on their first date.  She was obviously impressed.  Do you think they came back on their anniversary to paint "still" next to it?  I wonder how it's working out for Bill and Stacie these days?  I'm sure it's like a fairy tale with all of this romance.

Lynyrd Skynyrd The Legend Lives On!  The only thing this is missing is a rebel flag and a WOOOOOOOO!  Yeah I just made that sound out loud while I was typing it.

Nothing special here, just a random shot.  Of course there was a fair share of racial slurs, KKK tags, and swastikas.  I left those out for obvious reasons.

Fine work guys.

This day actually led directly into the day that turned into my "When the Headaches are Worth It" post.  What a great day it was!  I hope you've enjoyed reading about it because i've really enjoyed living it!

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Misti said...

There's a whole Leave No Trace thing somewhere about shooting up signs. I was looking into it when I had some crappy campground experiences at the New Years.

Good hike photos!