Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Propping My Eyes Open

Well, it looks like my Wednesday wasn't quite as productive as I had hoped it would be.  I almost completely passed on the opportunity to write tonight, but I hate getting too far behind.  I had to work last night.  That's nothing new.  The wonderful part, though, was that I had to attend a stroke class out at MGCCC afterwards.  Anyone that knows me pretty well knows that I can barely make it past 8:30 on a morning following a night at work.  I always come home and try to watch sportscenter (and I really like sportscenter) and end up falling asleep on the couch.  My schedule was thrown all off by this class!

I tried preparing for the inevitable disaster long before the class even started.  I got one of my best days of sleep the day before, so I thought I was golden.  I worked on plenty of these throughout the night to try and increase my odds of survival.

As valiant as my efforts may have been, I barely made it out alive.  Struggle has an entire new meaning for me in the staying awake front.  That 8:30 mark hit me HARD.  My head started bobbing hard enough to hurt the average neck.  Somehow I pulled through.  I think it was mostly because of this picture.

Thanks for this one Karee!

When we noticed Mark, unabashedly, sleeping behind us I couldn't help but to laugh.  Then the laughs just wouldn't stop.  You know the kind.  That sleep deprived, everything is possibly the funniest thing you've ever heard, ridiculous, annoying, giggle that you roll your eyes at when it's not you doing the giggling.  Yeah that was me.  Then one of the presenters put me over the edge.  She was describing the feeling of a stroke headache.  She used the term "Thunder clap headache" and I don't know what it was, but that was the last straw holding my sanity together.  I was trying SO hard to keep it together.  I didn't draw too much audible attention to myself, but if you looked my way you would've seen the full body laughing convulsions and me wiping the tears off of my face.  

After my little laughing fit, I felt wide awake.  It felt like I had hit my 5th wind and I was going to pull this one out.  They sent us to a break and I was feeling good until we came back.  Finally during the second half of presentations I hit that deadly wall.  I'm sure everyone around me was enjoying how hard my head was flopping around.  I felt like I had lost all control of my neck.  I would startle awake from time to time, but I was beyond saving at this point.  As soon as they said "Ok we are done," I was LONG gone.  As soon  as I sat down at home I was out.  I finally woke back up around 7:45 this evening.  So much for flipping my schedule back around today.  Looks like i'll be up for a while, so hit me up!

Until Next Time,

(If I hadn't have proof read this one you all would've thought I was pretty stupid! haha)

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recharging Life's Batteries

I know some of my stories are pretty crazy, but that's not my full time life.  The majority of my days are spent in the mundane normalities of everyday life.  Now, there is a lot of awesome scatter gunned in amongst the mundane.  Sometimes the normal has a way of getting the best of me.  No one is bullet proof after all.  Sometimes it all gets the best of me and I just have to get away for a bit.  Now i'm not talking about some big crazy Chris McCandless "Into the Wild" type of getting away.  (If you've never heard of this story, check out the book or watch the movie)  

I loaded up my truck, yesterday afternoon, and headed out for a little mini camping trip.  This is one of the great features of our little piece of the world down here.  I live minutes from all the great amenities of the coast, but it also doesn't take long at all to be away from everything.  I headed up to one of my favorite little spots on Black creek for the night.  It didn't take me long to gather up plenty of firewood, hang my hammock, and get settled in.  It's the perfect time of year to sleep out without a tent.  Once it warms up a little more you won't be able to escape the bugs without a tent, or at least a bug net.  I got my fire started and just started relaxing.

It doesn't take much to survive for one night.

The creek was extremely high.

My little campsite.

My cocoon for the evening.

My interesting choice of location.

The art of staying warm.

I have to admit something.  I didn't stay in the hammock all night.  I kept having crazy dreams that featured myself, the hammock breaking, and me falling into the water trapped in my sleeping bag. I would wake up with a little jolt and finally I had enough.  I unrolled my pad and finished the night in the bed of my truck.

It was nice to get away for a bit.  I had plenty of time to reflect on life and work on figuring everything out.  Take some time to spend on yourself from time to time.  It really goes a long way for recharging your batteries.

Until Next Time,

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Proof is in the Pudding.... Shots!

It happened again.  Can you believe it?  We went out just to hang out for a bit, hilarity ensued, and now i'm writing about it.  You are the beneficiaries to the madness that is my life.  Anyways, here we go!

Time: Friday night

Place: My apartment

Who:  Me and Perry

Why:  Because we can!

It started out at my apartment.  We were sitting around watching the race and having a few drinks.  We got this brilliant idea.  "Hey, let's text Burton and see what he's doing."  Said text happens.  Entrepreneur Burt is on his way to, our favorite place, Mezo's to pick up the recycling.  ( I ALWAYS link Mezo's.  It is the best place on the coast after all)  That's all I needed to hear.  I text him back, "we will meet you there," and we were off.

Time: 2 minutes later (yeah I live that close)

Place: Mezo's

Who:  Me, Perry, and now Burt

Why:  Why not?

This seems to be the way that all of my stories start out.  We were hanging out down at Mezo's.... etc...  I'm going to explain to you why this post is named what it is.  A few days ago in my What a Night post, I explained a talent that I had.  I guess it wasn't really a talent, more like an unfortunate gift.  I always seem to attract strange/crazy people to our group.  I'm starting to realize it happens every time we go out.  Well, it happened again.  We were just sitting there, minding out own business, when XanaxLady shows up.  Why is she called XanaxLady?  My inside source told me that it was the reason she couldn't string a group of words into a sentence.  Her speech was SO slurred that the nurse inside of me was worried that she was having a stroke!  XanaxLady just would not go away either!  She would amble from one side of the group to the next just talking to the air.  Burton made the mistake of talking to her for a minute, so she was destined to hang around for the rest of the night.

I've noticed that i've started to see everything as a potential new post.  From the moment I met XanaxLady, I knew she was it.  I immediately started trying to formulate a plan to photograph the evidence.  Burton was unwilling to take a photo with her, and she was a little more unwilling than CrazyLady, but I still managed to get one for you.

Burt gave me permission to use his face!  
He also gave me permission for something 
else, but you will learn about that in a bit.

When I realized XanaxLady just wasn't going to leave, I threw my hands in the air and started yelling WHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!  For some reason everyone thought this was hilarious.  I guess they knew exactly why I was doing it.  Eventually she decided it was time to go home, so she headed out the front door.  The story just doesn't end there.  We decided that we needed to watch.  She stumbled around the parking lot looking for her car.  She could barely stand up and, in her head, she felt like she could drive!  Eventually she found her car and started backing out.  Burt took off running out the front door when he saw this.  We watched as he opened her door and stopped her.  He talked to her for a bit and tried to convince her to let him drive her home.  I thought he was just going to reach in a jerk the keys out of the ignition, but that just never happened.  Later he explained that he just didn't think of that.  Eventually she slammed the door shut and spun her tires as she was leaving the parking lot.  I sure hope she made it home and didn't hit anyone.  Thankfully that was the last we saw of XanaxLady.

Now for the pudding... Shots meaning.  Mezo makes her own unique blend of shots.  They are actually pudding shots.  Well, the official name is Boozy Pudding Shots.  Last nights flavor was the best one yet.  It was cookies and cream!  It even had actual cookies crumbled into it.  If I didn't know better, I could have eaten an entire bowl of that stuff.  I had to keep telling Perry that he didn't need anymore.  I was trying to avoid the inevitable puke.  These things will sneak up on you and I already know that so I was trying to be the "good" friend.  From the text I got from him, this morning, I gather that we still didn't avoid the puke.  Though my efforts were valiant, the outcome just wasn't what we hoped for.  Sorry Bud.

Cookies and Cream pudding shots!

Now for the continuation of the Burton story.  At one point I told him that I was going to to put up a link to his Facebook, phone #, email address, and every other means to contact him.  He told me to do it!  It may have been the alcohol speaking just a little bit, but if you would like to know Burton you can find him on Facebook!  Don't think I won't publish you!  Go and blow up his page with requests!

This is Burton dancing to his favorite song, Mambo
# 5, last night.

Something else happened related to dancing.  Someone played the safety dance of the jukebox.  I couldn't believe the volume of people that had NO idea what it was!  Do you people live under a rock or what!?

Here it is if you also have no idea what i'm talking about.

The night went on without too much issue.  Other than the fact that the Jim Beam rep had dropped off a bunch of sample bottles of their new products.  Long story short, Mezo was giving out drinks made with these for free.  I had....... well..... a couple.  I'm a sucker for free drinks!  Needless to say, I got a little on the non-lucid side.  Towards the end of the night I realized I was there alone.  I had no idea where my friends went.  I later (today) found out that Burt had straight up left us there and Perry was passed out puking in his truck.  Awesome.  Being a VIP gives you privileges though.  One of the bartenders, Robbie, gave me a ride home.  Thanks!

What a night.  WHAT A NIGHT.

Until next time,
Battling the aftermath headache,

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kyle Tackles Mardi Gras... and Wins!

Yesterday was the most fun i've had in a LONG time.  Mardi Gras is a regional phenomenon that, until experienced for yourself, just doesn't garner the respect that it deserves.  My family has a float that they enter in multiple parades during the season and yesterday, Fat Tuesday, was my opportunity to join this crew of pirates and enter into the realms of Mardi Gras history.

The day started at 9 am when we met up with the float to begin our voyage.  I began by burying my case of beer deep down into a cooler full of ice.  You can't party with warm brews after all!  We loaded up and headed to Biloxi to meet up with the rest of our pirate crew.  (Mardi Gras is a legit excuse to dress up like a fool and just be completely crazy)  My cousin Brice and I started discussing when we were going to pop our first top.  We decided on 10 am our time.  We found out that 10 am here is 5 pm in Rome.  So, to pay our respects to our ancestry we would have a toast at that time.

10 a.m. 

We crack open our first cans and send a toast into history.  Brice surprises us by breaking out Jello shots.  We take a few in respect to this historical day.  They were so good!  They were those ones that can be really dangerous because you can't taste the alcohol in them at all.  That's ok with me!  After picking up the rest of our crew and having toasts for every new member we acquire, we head off to get lined up for the parade.  The line-up is one of the best parts of the whole day because it's just one big party!  We got into position and let it rip.  We had our DJ on board and the tunes were kicking.  It's around 11 a.m. at this point and the parade doesn't start rolling until 1.  That is plenty of time to get a little on the tipsy side without much effort.  These next few hours turned into partying with my parents and family, throwing a few cheers up to our neighboring floats, and heckling random parade goers passing by.

1 p.m.

I can see up the line that floats are starting to move.  I get really excited, finish the beer in my hand, grab another, then insist on more shots because the parade is moving.  That is the moment when I realized something.  I was beyond the point of responsibility and decided I needed to go ahead and apologize in advance for anything anyone may see me do, hear me say, or hear someone else say something I did over the next couple hours.  I was in Kyle Go-Go Gadget mode and was about to get crazy.

1:18 p.m.  We start Rolling

At this point I can hardly stand the anticipation of what's about to happen.  I've got beads in my hand just ready to start flinging them into the air.  A few minutes later we finally start to hit the crowd and I go nuts.  I'm shoveling beads over the side like they are on fire and about to burn the ship down.  I realized very quickly that I need to slow my roll because I would've burned through my entire stash before we reached the first turn at that rate.  At some point, in this first stretch, I was accused of being a racist because one child of a certain ethnicity received something and a child of another ethnicity didn't.  Come on man, i'm not even looking where i'm throwing this stuff.  

Once we finally got down the first straight and into the turn things changed immensely.  All of a sudden the crowd tripled in size and they were going nuts.  You get that feeling of being in a huge band or being a professional athlete.  These people are SCREAMING and waving their hands at you like crazy.  Of course it's because you have something they want.  That something is beads.  Crazy, I know!  I love it though.  I love that, at this point, I have a crowd of people in the palm of my hand that I can basically manipulate to no ends.  They will do almost anything for their prize.  That is when I started throwing my hands up telling them they will get nothing if they don't get loud.  At one point is was yelling at the crowd, "I AM YOUR KING, YOU ARE MY SUBJECTS, YOU WILL BOW TO ME OR YOU SHALL RECEIVE NOTHING!!"  Someone actually did bow and was rewarded for their effort.  I am completely eating all of this attention up.

Throughout all of the excitement between the king and his subjects, I haven't slowed down very much on working my way through my adult beverages.  The shots continued to appear as well.  It's getting pretty ugly at this point, but i'm not slowing down.  The people need their King after all.  That is when I got my best idea of the entire day.  What are people willing to do for beads?  I formulated a plan.  I know many of you already know the currency used to peddle beads in New Orleans.  If you can't figure this one out let me explain it to you.  Women have them and they are situated on their fronts between their chin and navel.  That's not what I decided to use as my selling point.  This isn't New Orleans for one.  It's a day time parade.  There were children everywhere, so I just didn't feel that was a very viable option on this particular day.  I decided that if you wanted a pair of King Kyle's "fancy" beads, he would need a beer in return.  (Sorry for all the third person jargon, I was three sheets to the wind at this point and these are just the thoughts I remember having and the way they came out in my head.)

Beer for beads mania has hit!  Well at least it hit in my head.  This tactic worked exactly as I had hoped it would.  I would hold up said "fancy" beads, the crowd would erupt into insanity, I would point to my drink in a fashion that would let the subjects know that this is what I needed in return.  It took me something like 30 seconds to receive my first treat.  A woman emerged from the crowd with Jello shots in her hand, we made the exchange, and I enjoyed more delicious jello shots.  I thought out loud, "wow, that actually worked quite well!"  I was instantly enamored with my new found skill set.  I continued on.  Another set of beads for more jello shots.  I'm getting quite beyond my means at this point.  I can barely speak in decipherable English, but I don't care.  I'm a hit!  I continued on with this act for the next hour and a half, or so, of the remaining parade.  I made out like a bandit.  I came close to replacing the entire original case of brew I started out with.  We got a little bit of everything too, Mic Ultra, Bud tall-boys, Busch (gross), Coors, and etc...  I even gave a couple of beads away to women that thought this was actually New Orleans. (refer to above New Orleans currency)  They would just appear out of the crowd, give me an eye full, then demands payment.  Of course I obliged!  I'm only human after all! haha

The day rolled on and I had a blast.  I remember telling my mother all that had happened and she thought I was a step below genius with the beer trading, but informed me that I was not supposed to tell her about what the random ladies had done.  Sorry Mom! ;)  I also remember telling everyone that Mardi Gras was better than Christmas and Santa Claus sucked anyway.  The things you will say when you've had a few drinks!  I will say that MG is definitely one of the best holidays going.  Sorry to everyone that has never experienced it.  It's pure madness, but such is life.  I enjoyed every minute of that and pretty much every minute of life to begin with.

I had really great intentions of taking a bunch of fantastic photos along the way, but if you've read up to this point you should realize that it probably didn't happen as I had planned.  I did get some though.  Enjoy.

My mother getting the party started!

Father of the King


DJ Hostile aka My cousin Justin

Crazy suit guy.  Not a victim of the King's heckling.
You gotta respect a guy that willing to go into public
wearing something like that!

Brice and his boys before the parade.

The pirate parents of the King

The King himself.  
I wish I had a picture of myself drinking my beer with
the double hook hands.  In my mind it was impressive!

Dad and Dougyver

Brice handing out Jello shots

The kings subjects.  This is about where I lost interest
in taking anymore photos.  Sorry!

The ride home party.

After we got back I demanded that I needed to be taken home because I was too tired to continue the festivities.  I passed out on the couch for a couple hours.  When I woke up my ears were ringing.  It felt like my whole head was underwater.  That was an evil hangover.  It was only like 9:30 p.m. at this point.  That's when I knocked out the "What a Night" post.  I hope you've been enjoying these post because i've really enjoyed living them.  Thank you for all the continued support!  

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a Night

Over the past few months i've been noticing a pattern.  On the occasions that I write about my "interesting" nights out and about, the hits on my site increase by a ton.  I'm talking like triple my normal views.  I have made a decision.  I'm going to embrace it!  Instead of holding back, i'm going to let it rip from now on.  Sorry Mom.  Sorry friends that don't enjoy it.  Here we go I guess!

I have a special talent.  It's not a good thing.  I wish I could wash this talent off like a bad night at work some times, but I just can't escape the stink.  You're wondering what it is right?  You're thinking that this guy can't have much talent.  Maybe I shouldn't have called it a talent because it was something I was born with.  I attract the most crazy people everywhere I go!  I don't know where they come from, but every time I go out they are always there.  A few nights ago I had some random "overweight" bar fly buzzing all over me.  At one point she even started dancing on my leg. (i'm shaking my head from shame right now)  I turned to her and asked her very politely, "could you please stop doing that, you're spare tire is preventing me from signing my tab."  Needless to say, she wasn't very impressed by my thoughts.  Why me?

This leads us to last night.  After a "big" night of watching the history channel, Burt and I decided to headed down to Mezo's for karaoke to see what was happening.  It was still early at 11.  Early enough that they hadn't even started yet.  We started out doing our typical, "scan the bar for anything willing to talk to us" act.  Burt is surprisingly good at this.  I think it's just his lack of shame, but he will talk to anyone and anything.  He ditched me at one point to talk to some girl that he used to work with, so when he returned I informed him that he was no longer worthy of the shot I had just bought for him and I was going to give it to the next girl that came up to the bar.  

The lucky girl was C. (abbreviations will be used for anyone that I don't know well enough to know that they won't care that I use their name.  Respect right?)  She received said shot just for walking up.  Lucky her right?  Not so much.  It was called an Alabama Slammer.  I got them on a rec and it just didn't work out for me.  I actually really embarrassed myself by almost choking to death on it.  (and after reading the recipe I realize that it wasn't that at all!  It was made with crown... just borrowed the name I guess.)  Anyways we talked for a bit, had another shot and went on.  The thing that she left me with though was a song stuck in my head!  She sang Dramarama's Anything Anything for her turn at the karaoke mic.  She explained that is was out of one of the Freddie Kruger movies and i've been singing it ever since.  Thanks C. 

I was outside a little later, talking to R, when CrazyMama showed up.  I guess we just looked like a couple of understanding sets of ears that wouldn't run her off.  Trust me, we tried.  This is where my "talent" that I talked about earlier comes in.  I don't know where she came from, but for some reason she picked me out to talk with. Where do these people come from!?  How did I end up so lucky that they feel a need to talk my ear off?  I call her CrazyMama for a reason as well.  She was non-stop talking about he craziest things you can imagine.  Her husband used to beat her senseless, but she was too "secure" to leave.  She had and overwhelming hate of social media.  I don't know what the deal with that was, but she REALLY hated it. She didn't allow her kids to use Facebook.  That kind of hate.  Then she REALLY hated me for professing my love for social media.  I can't help it!  That was all I started talking about at a certain point, and thank you R for chiming right in!  We just couldn't shake CrazyMama, so I decided I needed a picture.  This is what came out.  I eventually just had to walk away in mid conversation to get out of this situation.  

Thank you R for the mad photo skills.  And thank you R and C for making the night a little more tolerable.  Life really is crazy sometimes.  

Until Next Time,

And next time is the Mardi Gras story from today!  Excited right?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Day Out

The other day my buddy Jason and I hit the road for a few hours just to get out and unwind from work.  We headed up one of our typical routes into the country around the area of my Grandpa's hunting camp.  We headed up there taking all the back roads we could.  We always end up trying to become the Dukes of Hazzard by sliding around all the corners.  If we only had a dixie horn!  We rode way down this old dirt road to get to an access point of Red Creek.  When we showed up I instantly saw something new.  It was hard to miss the big new sign right on the side of the road.  

I was pretty excited to see that they are starting to put this kind of thing up.  It's very informative allowing you to see many different access points and points of interest.  There was something that made me pretty mad though.

This sign has already been shot!  This lack of respect just makes me SO mad.  I don't know what possesses someone to just go and tear something up.  A few idiots really know how to ruin everything for the rest of us don't they?  This didn't take long either.  I was out here only a few weeks ago and this sign wasn't even up yet.  

When we headed down the trail we noticed something very quickly.  The creek was REALLY high.  It was about as high as i've ever seen it.  It was well over it's banks and making it's way up the trail.  

The creek looked pretty intimidating at this level.  I couldn't resist the opportunity to climb up and out over the creek like I was still 12 years old.

I'm pretty glad that I kept my footing while I was up there because when I felt the water it wasn't very appealing for a swim.  With the perfect weather we decided to get off the beaten trail and bushwhack  up the creek a little bit.  We found ourselves in an amazing cypress grove that I didn't even know existed.  You have to be careful down in there because not only will the cypress knees trip you up, they look like they would be painful to land on.  We found an amazing spot for camping and have made plans to come back at some point to tackle that.  

I just thought this old twisted stump was pretty cool.

After we finally made our way back out of the woods we decided to ride down the road a few miles to another one of the access points to see how high the water was compared to the bridge.  We got out there and as expected the water was still just as high.  Surprise surprise.  We had a quick competition to see who could throw a rock all the way across the swollen creek.  Muscled up Jason made quick work of this contest.  

After the big contest our curiosity got the best of us and we decided we had to go see what was under the bridge.  Guess what was there??  Graffiti!!  And plenty of it.  This is another one of the things I just don't get.  This isn't the hood.  There is no one marking their territory.  This is the middle of BFE, miles from anything that resembles civilization.  What is the appeal of spray painting anything on a bridge?  Maybe I just don't get it.  Maybe it's the most romantic thing the uneducated cretins of society can do to find a suitable partner.  I don't know, but these were some of my favorites. 

I like to imagine that Bill brought Stacie here to profess his love for her on their first date.  She was obviously impressed.  Do you think they came back on their anniversary to paint "still" next to it?  I wonder how it's working out for Bill and Stacie these days?  I'm sure it's like a fairy tale with all of this romance.

Lynyrd Skynyrd The Legend Lives On!  The only thing this is missing is a rebel flag and a WOOOOOOOO!  Yeah I just made that sound out loud while I was typing it.

Nothing special here, just a random shot.  Of course there was a fair share of racial slurs, KKK tags, and swastikas.  I left those out for obvious reasons.

Fine work guys.

This day actually led directly into the day that turned into my "When the Headaches are Worth It" post.  What a great day it was!  I hope you've enjoyed reading about it because i've really enjoyed living it!

Until Next Time,

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Saturday, February 18, 2012

When the Headaches are Worth It

It's the last weekend of the Mardi Gras season this year.  I woke up this morning certain that I had lived it up for at least one night.  How did I know?  I had one of those dehydrated dried up brain headaches that you only get from those nights you end up telling stories about.  Even some greasy Waffle House breakfast this morning couldn't fix it.  I found myself laughing randomly then looking over at Matt and Leah and saying, "Now that was a great night."  I said to them, "Sometimes the headaches are totally worth it."

Last night was our Ocean Springs night parade.  I haven't been to this one in the past.  I honestly think this might actually only be the second or third year they've had a night parade here.  After last night I can see that eventually this will turn into one of the premier parades on the coast.  The turn out was surprisingly big.  I know some folks aren't crowd people, but parades are always fun!  

I took off from the apartment around 5 or so.  I decided that I was going to walk that way so I could walk around downtown for a bit before the parade got going.  I wanted to go see what everyone was getting into waiting for the parade to start.  Honestly, there wasn't much!  I didn't manage to run into anyone that I knew so I just ended up doing a lot of people watching then trying to track my friends down as they hunted for parking.  With parking found, we carried the cooler down to our little spot on the side of the road to prepare for the parade and begin pre-gaming for the rest of our night!

My little group before the parade.

The police prior to the parade starting.

Logan fist pumping for the cops.

Perry "in it" deep.

Random parade puppy.

Just plain awesome tractor.

I didn't actually get any pictures of floats because at that point I had lost interest in taking anymore pictures and was just having fun.  We had a great time at the parade.  I sold a beer to some random guy that came up.  We loaded everything back up and headed back to my place afterwards to continue the party and wait on Matt and Leah to get into town.  We sat around and cut up (loudly) until Matt and Leah got in.  Then we loaded up and headed to Mezo's!! Surprise surprise right?

Logan just being awesome before we headed out.

Mezo's was hopping last night!  It was the birthday of Mezo herself, so the turnout was fantastic!  Defunked Democracy was playing there again and they haven't disappointed yet!  There is just something about good live music that makes me feel ok.  The night pretty much flew by.  I honestly don't remember too many specific events.  That's probably due to the fact that every time I turned around someone was handing me delicious adult beverages in assorted colors of solo cups.  I do love that place.  Mat Green was there with his new girlfriend.  That is the first time i've seen him in a couple of months.  It was good to have him around again, even for just one night. 

Last night made me realize something very important.  I have some great friends.  They are always there for me and very supportive of everything I do.  Those kind of people can be a rarity in life, so if you have them you better hang on to them.  Logan's wife Jessica posted "friends are the bread and butter of life," this morning on Facebook.  I couldn't agree more with that statement.  These are the people that make my life as amazing as it is and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world.  Thanks guys, y'all are great!

Until Next Time,

Back to work tonight.

Thank you for all the continued love with this post everyone!!

Friday, February 17, 2012

Local Movie Night

Last night, my favorite local spot, Mezo's Juke Joint, hosted a local film night.  I've always been a fan of local culture and arts, so i'm always trying to get out there and show my support. When I heard about this event I instantly wanted to go.  Local directors and film makers showing their work just intrigued me so I had to go check it out.  I don't know if you've ever been to events like this, but they have a way of being "interesting," for lack of better words.  

I'm not completely sure about this, but i'm assuming we don't have a huge film making community down here.  After all, this is Ocean Springs, MS, not New York or LA.  I may not have been the biggest fan of all the films, but I can still appreciate the work, time and dedication these individuals put into them.  I guess the best way to put it is that i'm a fan of the creative process.  

I showed up a little too late to catch most of the first movie, but from the parts I saw it seemed a little far out there, even for my standards.  It was mostly in black and white.  The movie was completely void of dialogue, but was tracked with some bizarre music.  I could see where they were going with it.  They wanted it to look like the silent movies of past.  I just didn't see enough of it to be able to follow any story lines.  

The second film was called Smoke of the Shenobi.  (Follow link to see it in its entirety.)  When they first announced the name of it I honestly thought they said Smokin the Shenobi, so I was pretty convinced it was a bit of a stoner movie to begin with.  I wasn't far off the mark.  It was a film about some friends out on a camping trip celebrating another's return from Japan.  Can you guess what he brought back with him? Of course you can, Weed.  But not just any weed!  Magical weed that only these mythical ninja's have ever smoked.  Not to be a spoiler, but let's just say it didn't end well for them.

The final movie of the night, and my favorite, was called Loser's Luck.  This film was made during a 48 hour film making contest.  They had 48 hours to write, shoot, edit, and completely finish this film.  I was actually pretty impressed by the results.  The plot line was pretty basic.  Two brothers uncover a doping ring in horse racing and are trying to strike it rich, but get a lot deeper than they had hoped.  It's only 15 minutes and worth a quick watch.  Warning: Language!

Until Next Time,

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ghosts of the Coast

As many of you know already, I work nights.  Thus, I sleep during the day.  I've never been real good at the whole daytime sleeping deal.  I used to think that was a problem.  Some days I do sleep all day, but not most.  I wake up around 2 o'clock almost daily.  I don't even know why I keep my alarm set for 5!  That NEVER happens.  I've started taking a new approach with this problem.  Instead of being mad about it, I have just begun to embrace it.  I use that time to get up and get things done before work.  I like getting out and enjoying the afternoons this time of year.  

Today was no different.  Like clockwork, my body woke itself up around 2.  I decided to get out and go for a little walk down the beach.  As I do nearly daily, I passed the old skeletal remains of the former seafood factory.  

I don't know my history well enough to tell you a whole lot about this place, but it has been there for my entire life.  I can remember, as a kid, holding my nose as we drove by it.  It had a very distinct dead fishy smell.  Of course there we constant complaints from the residents nearby, but the place had been there so long that nothing was ever done.  After a while you just kind of got used to it and expected it.  (side note:  it didn't always stink!)  A couple of years ago something happened that you might remember.  New Orleans got the majority of the coverage, but Hurricane Katrina was devastating all across the gulf coast.  The old seafood factory was one of the victims. The concrete frame work, shown above, is all that remains of the place.

I don't know how long it is going to stand like this.  It's obviously been several years already and it's still standing, but I know one day it will be gone.  I know it may have been an eyesore.  I know that on some days it smelled quiet foul, but that was just part of our little piece of this world.  Some days I swear I can still smell it.  Every time I pass it I have a flood of memories of growing up here.  You really can't ask for a better place to come from.

Until Next Time,

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lazy State of Mind

This is my definite state of mind today, BUT I have to go back to work tonight.  There are always other days to be lazy I guess.

Until Next Time,

Anyone else feeling this way?

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Wal-Mart Troll Incident

I spent some time yesterday evening and this morning getting things together for a new post.  I was kind of back and forth on what I wanted to do, but then I went to Wal-Mart.  Something happened there that I just had to write about.  People truly amaze me sometimes with their shear laziness.  This is one of those stories.  

This story didn't start in the store, but while I was walking out.  As I was nearing my truck I saw this troll of a woman coming from in front of my truck walking back around her car.  I was kind of suspicious at first.  Then I saw what she had just done and it sent me over the edge.  She had taken her buggy all the way around her car to leave it in front of my truck.  When I looked and saw that she had actually left it up against my bumper it just sent me over the edge.

"Dramatic Re-creation"

Let me just explain something real quick.  The cart return was exactly one more spot over!  Are you so lazy that you can't even walk one more sport to leave your cart!  This is when it got a little nasty.  ( I apologize in advance for the language, but I was hot!)  When all of this finally clicked in my head I had to say something to her.  I turned to her and said, "ARE YOU F-----G SERIOUS RIGHT NOW!? DID YOU SERIOUSLY JUST WALK ALL THE WAY AROUND YOUR CAR TO LEAVE THIS BUGGY UP AGAINST MY TRUCK?  WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!?  THE RETURN IS THE NEXT SPOT OVER!! THAT'S PRETTY S----Y!"  

She didn't say a word.  She slipped her troll self into her car and was just going to leave.  That wasn't how this was going to end for me.  I took the buggy and rolled it behind her car before she was able to leave.  I even considered flipping it over for a second to see how she handled that, but I just left it and got in my truck.  There was a car parked in front of her, so she wasn't able to pull straight through to leave.  Either she would have to get out and move it, or back right over it.  As I was leaving I could see her in a huff yelling something in some undecipherable troll dialect, but I wasn't planning on sticking around to find out what she was saying.

How lazy can you really be??  Some people can just make me so angry.  It wasn't just the fact that she didn't return the cart, but the fact that she went out of her way to leave it parked up against my truck.  Have a little respect.  

Until Next Time,

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Day In the Life

I'm finally off work for a few days!  I did my typical finally off of work for a few days things and passed out on the couch as soon as I got home this morning.  Then I woke up to this amazing afternoon and just had to get out!  So, I took another stroll down to the beach  for some downtime.  I decided, instead of going light today, to carry my camera with me.  I took a few shots while I was down there.  Here they are!

AND I finally took some pictures of the view from the new apartment that i'm so proud of.  Perfect place to chill.

Until Next Time,