Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Theme Music of Life

On my way back to the coast, this morning, I was doing my usual routine of shuffling through all the songs on my iPod.  Today the shuffle was really working for me!  It was playing all the right songs and I had to do very little skipping.  I love it when that happens.  Then something even better happened.  This song played!!

Anyone that has seen the movie knows this song.  It rarely comes up in my shuffle, but when it does it's always amazing.  I could see those final scenes of the movie in my head.  Maverick is throwing Goose's dog tags over the side of the carrier out into the ocean.  He is finally content with everything that has happened.  Every time this song comes on I feel a little manly.  Nay, a little patriotic.  I can see a scene in my head.  It is something like Evel Knievel jumping over 30 flaming school buses, there is a huge American flag blowing around in the background and a bald eagle flying over head!  AMERICA!!

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