Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pho Real

Thanks to my buddy Scott, i'm back in the Pho game.  Pho is something Scott introduced me to sometime last year.  We had a spot that we would go to on a regular basis.  We showed up one day and were informed that the chef had left and that meant no more Pho.  We were lost!  How would we get our Pho fix!?  Scott answered that question for me yesterday.  I had called him just to chat and he informed me that he found Pho in Ocean Springs again!  Alice and myself we there for lunch today and it did not disappoint.  I dare say it was even better that the original place we went!  The new spot is Kim Long 2.  This is the second location of a long standing Vietnamese restaurant.  I would definitely recommend this spot for anyone in the area looking for quality Vietnamese/Thai food.  Great prices too!

Alice enjoying her Pad Tai.

I felt like I was on my own episode of Man vs. Food!  
This is as far as I could get.  So close, but I just couldn't
fit anymore in.

Hope you give it a shot sometime!

Until Next Time,

Now it's time for the Saints!  Who Dat!

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