Monday, January 30, 2012

Hockey Night in Mississippi

It sounds kind of weird to say that to me.  Just the fact that there is professional ice hockey in south Mississippi sometimes still blows my mind.  The fact that they have been here for more than a decade is even better.  Now, this isn't the NHL by any means.  This is probable more like A hockey.  It's about one level above the house adult league team.  But it's still fun!  

This is our home team the Mississippi Surge warming
up before the game.

Face off down in the corner. (Notice the massive fan

During the 2nd intermission I couldn't help
but noticing a lion walking around the ice.  
I sat there staring at it wondering why I knew
this lion?  Then it hit me!  This was the mascot
of our short-lived indoor soccer team the 
Mississippi Beach Kings!  I loved that one season.
I'm pretty sure my family went to every
single game.  They have tried a lot of sports
down here (including football) but hockey
is the only one that's lasted a somewhat long
period of time. 

The home team wins!  And as a bonus we got 
to see Jeff Grant score a hat trick!  Complete
with all of 3 hats thrown on the ice.  


After the game they opened up the ice to public
skating.  Of course we had to give it a try!
I probably haven't been on ice in a decade, but 
I managed to do ok.  No better than ok, but ok.
I didn't have any big crashes.

Check out what was sitting behind us.
Oh yeah the wolf in rebel flag graphics
just take it to the next level.  I wanted 
to yell WOOOOOO SO bad.  
Mississippi for life!!

Since it was such a nice day today I decided to spend a little
time riding my bike down the beach.  At around this point
I decided I wanted to ride over to Biloxi, so I did.

The view from the top.

Until Next Time

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John Wesley Leek said...

Looks fun. Gotta love the wolf shirt. How many wolves can there be in Dixie anyway? ;)