Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Call of Nostalgia

I've been spending the evening packing all my stuff up to start the moving process tomorrow.  I've been coming across a lot of the stuff I used back in college and feeling the call of nostalgia once again.  This is something that happens to me a lot.  I spend a lot of time reflecting on life and different situations.  That's really where the title from my blog came from.  The blog itself is even making me feel the nostalgia as I write this.  I started this back during my junior year of college which was a great time in life for me.  There was just something about being in college and living the college lifestyle.  Living in the dorm room, walking to class across campus, eating with whoever in the commons, studying in the library, playing wall ball under the rock, and late night walks across campus are all things that I miss about that time in life.  I guess miss isn't really the right word.  I don't miss it in the way that I wish I could go back and live it again.  I'm really happy with where I am now and those are all just really great memories.  That's why I like coming across all this stuff.  It reminds me of all those times.

Now as i'm preparing to move into a new place, i'm going to be taking all these things with me and putting them to use once again.  I hope they continue to remind me of my times at Southern Miss.  I also hope to make new memories and continue pushing forward.  Writing this right now is even going a long way to making me feel extremely optimistic.  Oh the potential.  Life is Good.

This is what all of those memories led to!

Until Next Time,

Do you ever find yourself having little moments like this?

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