Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Black Keys- El Camino

I woke up a little early today and it was too nice to pass up the opportunity to get outside, so I headed out of the apartment for a little walk.  I headed down towards the beach with my iPod in hand wondering what was going to get me motivated today.  It didn't take long to figure this one out as I went straight for The Black Keys new album El Camino.  

I have become more and more a fan of this album the more I listened to it.  It really has a good drive to it and never really comes down off the initial high.  The song Little Black Submarines has become my favorite.  It's the song that I always end up repeating.  The Black Keys have really become the masters of what they do.  It took them a couple albums to fine tune it, but they've really got it now.  What is it that they do?  I would call it a blend of bluesy, funk, electronic, soul rock.  Yeah, a pretty wicked blend.  I'll have to be honest about this album.  It didn't have the initial WOW factor that their previous album Brothers did for me.  Brothers was an absolutely phenomenal album unmatched by many.  I was grabbed by the first riff of Everlasting Light and couldn't stop till it was over.  Then I just wanted to start it all over.

If I was forced to recommend one of the two I would choose Brothers every time, but El Camino is a very good album worthy of listening.  If you've never checked the band out I would highly recommend giving them a shot.  Listen and Enjoy!

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Misti said...

I have a friend who is *in love* with The Black Keys...as in a fan before they were even on the radio. They have some great music that I need to explore a little bit more.