Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beer Review: Rogue Chocolate Stout

Sorry about the low light, but I just could NOT get a picture of 
this thing!  I tried though and I guess this is better than nothing.

A few of us were hanging out at our favorite spot, Mezo's Juke Joint, and again the other night(surprise surprise right?).  I was in the mood for something different than my usual go-to drink.  I've always been a fan of dark beers, so I started with the Guinness Black Lager.  That beer was very good and I will be reviewing it at a later date.  I tried the Rogue Chocolate Stout on the recommendation of Mezo herself and I was not disappointed.  Let's just start and say I had been eyeing it for some time now.  It's curb appeal is quite high to begin with.  The bottle itself is classically Rogue, but HUGE.  It towers over the other bottles on display at 22oz.  That was one of the reasons I hadn't tried it yet.  I didn't want to get that involved with a beer that I wasn't liking.  Good thing I wasn't disappointed by it!  

-On a side note, one of the trademarks of Mezo's is that they put all their beers in brown paper bags (see in background of picture), so it felt like was walking out of a gas station with a tall boy after a hard day.

Again, this thing is huge.  I felt like it should be taped to my hands.  (if you don't get the Edward 40 hands reference check it out here)  Then I tried it.  Let me go ahead and give you a warning, this isn't a second beer, it's a first taste beer only.  I was taken back by the bitterness of it at first and my first impression wasn't very good.  I was sitting here looking at this huge bottle thinking "I have to drink all of this?"  I think following a different beer didn't work for this one.  As I was sitting there I began getting this delicious after taste in my mouth.  I swear it tasted like I had just got done eating Tootsie Rolls.  Then I tried it again and there it was, the great taste I was told about.  With the taste of the previous beer finally out of my mouth I was free to enjoy the taste of this chocolate stout.  It has a wonderful creamy flavor with an amazing bitter-sweet finish.  It's pretty heavy, so be warned if you aren't accustomed to dark beers.  I'm telling you the after taste is absolutely amazing.  It is a very delayed flavor, but that makes this a very pleasant beer to drink slowly.  

So my recommendation?  Yes.  Give it a try!

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