Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Black Keys- El Camino

I woke up a little early today and it was too nice to pass up the opportunity to get outside, so I headed out of the apartment for a little walk.  I headed down towards the beach with my iPod in hand wondering what was going to get me motivated today.  It didn't take long to figure this one out as I went straight for The Black Keys new album El Camino.  

I have become more and more a fan of this album the more I listened to it.  It really has a good drive to it and never really comes down off the initial high.  The song Little Black Submarines has become my favorite.  It's the song that I always end up repeating.  The Black Keys have really become the masters of what they do.  It took them a couple albums to fine tune it, but they've really got it now.  What is it that they do?  I would call it a blend of bluesy, funk, electronic, soul rock.  Yeah, a pretty wicked blend.  I'll have to be honest about this album.  It didn't have the initial WOW factor that their previous album Brothers did for me.  Brothers was an absolutely phenomenal album unmatched by many.  I was grabbed by the first riff of Everlasting Light and couldn't stop till it was over.  Then I just wanted to start it all over.

If I was forced to recommend one of the two I would choose Brothers every time, but El Camino is a very good album worthy of listening.  If you've never checked the band out I would highly recommend giving them a shot.  Listen and Enjoy!

Until Next Time,

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hockey Night in Mississippi

It sounds kind of weird to say that to me.  Just the fact that there is professional ice hockey in south Mississippi sometimes still blows my mind.  The fact that they have been here for more than a decade is even better.  Now, this isn't the NHL by any means.  This is probable more like A hockey.  It's about one level above the house adult league team.  But it's still fun!  

This is our home team the Mississippi Surge warming
up before the game.

Face off down in the corner. (Notice the massive fan

During the 2nd intermission I couldn't help
but noticing a lion walking around the ice.  
I sat there staring at it wondering why I knew
this lion?  Then it hit me!  This was the mascot
of our short-lived indoor soccer team the 
Mississippi Beach Kings!  I loved that one season.
I'm pretty sure my family went to every
single game.  They have tried a lot of sports
down here (including football) but hockey
is the only one that's lasted a somewhat long
period of time. 

The home team wins!  And as a bonus we got 
to see Jeff Grant score a hat trick!  Complete
with all of 3 hats thrown on the ice.  


After the game they opened up the ice to public
skating.  Of course we had to give it a try!
I probably haven't been on ice in a decade, but 
I managed to do ok.  No better than ok, but ok.
I didn't have any big crashes.

Check out what was sitting behind us.
Oh yeah the wolf in rebel flag graphics
just take it to the next level.  I wanted 
to yell WOOOOOO SO bad.  
Mississippi for life!!

Since it was such a nice day today I decided to spend a little
time riding my bike down the beach.  At around this point
I decided I wanted to ride over to Biloxi, so I did.

The view from the top.

Until Next Time

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ode to the Jouch

You read that right, I said Jouch.  You're wondering what in the world that is right?  Well, let me tell you.  It's a shortened version of jean couch.  A little made up word to say the least.

See you can't make this stuff up!

When I first got this amazing couch I really didn't know what to think of it.  I kept thinking to myself, this just can't be that comfortable.  I'm sure you're wondering why I got it if I didn't think it would be comfortable.  Ive got a one word answer for that question, free!  You just can't beat that price.  I got it moved into the apartment and have been using it for a few weeks now and let me tell you, this thing is amazing!  It's just like that favorite pair of jeans you seem to always favor putting on.  I came home this morning, from work, and didn't want to lay down in the bed.  I just wanted to sleep on the Jouch.  Is that weird?  I've got a perfectly fine bed, but sometimes favor the substitute.  I guess it's just a better daytime sleeping spot.  I'm sure everyone has their own opinions.

-A dog just ran in the front door of my place and came and sat on the ground next to me while I was typing.  I didn't think much of it.  He was soon followed by a frantic owner looking for their lost pooch.  That wasn't too hard of a find!

Until Next Time,

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Beer Review: Rogue Chocolate Stout

Sorry about the low light, but I just could NOT get a picture of 
this thing!  I tried though and I guess this is better than nothing.

A few of us were hanging out at our favorite spot, Mezo's Juke Joint, and again the other night(surprise surprise right?).  I was in the mood for something different than my usual go-to drink.  I've always been a fan of dark beers, so I started with the Guinness Black Lager.  That beer was very good and I will be reviewing it at a later date.  I tried the Rogue Chocolate Stout on the recommendation of Mezo herself and I was not disappointed.  Let's just start and say I had been eyeing it for some time now.  It's curb appeal is quite high to begin with.  The bottle itself is classically Rogue, but HUGE.  It towers over the other bottles on display at 22oz.  That was one of the reasons I hadn't tried it yet.  I didn't want to get that involved with a beer that I wasn't liking.  Good thing I wasn't disappointed by it!  

-On a side note, one of the trademarks of Mezo's is that they put all their beers in brown paper bags (see in background of picture), so it felt like was walking out of a gas station with a tall boy after a hard day.

Again, this thing is huge.  I felt like it should be taped to my hands.  (if you don't get the Edward 40 hands reference check it out here)  Then I tried it.  Let me go ahead and give you a warning, this isn't a second beer, it's a first taste beer only.  I was taken back by the bitterness of it at first and my first impression wasn't very good.  I was sitting here looking at this huge bottle thinking "I have to drink all of this?"  I think following a different beer didn't work for this one.  As I was sitting there I began getting this delicious after taste in my mouth.  I swear it tasted like I had just got done eating Tootsie Rolls.  Then I tried it again and there it was, the great taste I was told about.  With the taste of the previous beer finally out of my mouth I was free to enjoy the taste of this chocolate stout.  It has a wonderful creamy flavor with an amazing bitter-sweet finish.  It's pretty heavy, so be warned if you aren't accustomed to dark beers.  I'm telling you the after taste is absolutely amazing.  It is a very delayed flavor, but that makes this a very pleasant beer to drink slowly.  

So my recommendation?  Yes.  Give it a try!

Until Next Time,

Do you have any recommendations for me?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Theme Music of Life

On my way back to the coast, this morning, I was doing my usual routine of shuffling through all the songs on my iPod.  Today the shuffle was really working for me!  It was playing all the right songs and I had to do very little skipping.  I love it when that happens.  Then something even better happened.  This song played!!

Anyone that has seen the movie knows this song.  It rarely comes up in my shuffle, but when it does it's always amazing.  I could see those final scenes of the movie in my head.  Maverick is throwing Goose's dog tags over the side of the carrier out into the ocean.  He is finally content with everything that has happened.  Every time this song comes on I feel a little manly.  Nay, a little patriotic.  I can see a scene in my head.  It is something like Evel Knievel jumping over 30 flaming school buses, there is a huge American flag blowing around in the background and a bald eagle flying over head!  AMERICA!!

Until Next Time,

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

This is My Driveway

Well not so much my driveway as the road to my new place. It's nice to have this view as I'm driving home. I feel like I'm living in an Ocean Springs landmark now. I've talked to so many people that have lived here or knew someone that lived here at some point. It's a pretty cool thing.

Back in high school me and my friend Brandon used to ride down past here all the time. We would jokingly say that when we graduated from college we were going to move into one of these. We talked about it for years. Now that I've moved in I feel like I'm finally living that dream and it's awesome!

-Side Note- I saw a bald eagle circling over the harbor earlier. That's the first one I've seen in a long time. It's was too far to get a good picture of.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I'm On Call

After a busy night last night, tonight i'm on call.  So, I guess i'll be hanging out around here for a while just waiting for the phone to ring.

Pre-haircut greatness!

And just because I like them and this song, here is Star and Micey! Enjoy!

If you enjoyed this, they will be on the road from Memphis playing 
a free show in Hattiesburg on March 2!  Go!

Until Next Time,

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Monday

This is the view from the living room of my new place.  I love being able to see the harbor from where i'm sitting and it's going to be an even better view when the workers get done clearing the brush.  I'm pretty much all moved in now.  The only thing i'm really lacking is internet and cable.  I'm making due with my personal hotspot on my iPhone for now.  That is one handy device.  It's such a perfect day again.  I've got all my windows open and i'm catching the country tunes from the workers radio below; things could be worse.  

I'm back to work for a few tonight so i'm enjoying the daylight while I still can.  In respect of today's significance i'm going to leave you all with a little quote.

I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional
love will have the final word in reality.
This is why right, temporarily defeated, is
stronger than evil triumphant.

-MLK jr.-

Until Next Time,

Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Walk in the Woods

We couldn't have asked for better weather than we were granted today.  Alice and I had actually been planning this hike for about a week now and we just really lucked out!  It wasn't hot at all and it definitely wasn't cold.  We were wanting hike a little bit of the Tuxachanie Trails and that's what we did.  We went in through an entrance on Bethel rd. and probably did around a 6 mile round trip.  We were just wanting to do a little day hike.  We took our time and spent time poking around the creek and just enjoying the day.  We ran into a group trying to repair a bridge that had been displaced from it's footing.  I took a minute to lend and hand and place it back where it belonged.  We stopped at one point to eat a little lunch and I set up my hammock to lounge out for a bit.  That thing is just so convenient to have!  We are planning a little overnight through hike of the trails for our next little adventure, so i'll let you know how that goes!

Alice taking the EASY way!

The Tuxachanie creek


Until Next Time,

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pho Real

Thanks to my buddy Scott, i'm back in the Pho game.  Pho is something Scott introduced me to sometime last year.  We had a spot that we would go to on a regular basis.  We showed up one day and were informed that the chef had left and that meant no more Pho.  We were lost!  How would we get our Pho fix!?  Scott answered that question for me yesterday.  I had called him just to chat and he informed me that he found Pho in Ocean Springs again!  Alice and myself we there for lunch today and it did not disappoint.  I dare say it was even better that the original place we went!  The new spot is Kim Long 2.  This is the second location of a long standing Vietnamese restaurant.  I would definitely recommend this spot for anyone in the area looking for quality Vietnamese/Thai food.  Great prices too!

Alice enjoying her Pad Tai.

I felt like I was on my own episode of Man vs. Food!  
This is as far as I could get.  So close, but I just couldn't
fit anymore in.

Hope you give it a shot sometime!

Until Next Time,

Now it's time for the Saints!  Who Dat!

Kim Long 2 Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Thursday, January 12, 2012

This is Not a Happy Story

No pictures.  No gimmicks.  This time it's just a story and as you can probably tell from the title it's not a very happy one, but it does have a purpose.  I'm asked questions about my job all the time.  For anyone that doesn't know, i'm an RN and I work in a medical ICU down here on the coast.  People always want me to tell them crazy ICU stories.  "Kyle, what's the craziest thing you've seen?" "It's wild in there right?"  "Is it like Grey's Anatomy?"  These are all questions i've fielded pretty easily.  I am asked a lot if I like my job as well.  The answer to that is an overwhelming yes.  I get to meet a lot of great people and I like to think I have some effect on their life even if for only a short time.  

I came into work this past Saturday night like I always do.  I look at my assignment, get report, and go to work.  The unit was really sick this weekend.  We have varying degrees of intensity in there.  Sometimes it just seems like everyone is basically ready to be transferred out and the whole house is one cruise control.  Other nights it really seems like the majority of the patients are extremely critical.  This story isn't about one of my patients, just one that was in the unit and not really about the patient at all.

This man was young by most standards.  He was only 48, but had a long history of bad heart problems.  Looking at him he looked healthy enough, but that wasn't the case at all.  By the time I had come in that night the family had already made the decision that they didn't want to resuscitate him if his heart finally gave out.  He was living his last few hours of life.  His son was there early on.  He was only 19.  He had been taking care of his dad and his grandparents for some time now.  About 3 o'clock Sunday morning we started seeing all the changes that indicated to us that the time was drawing near.  We got the doctors on the phone and started trying to call the son.  We called and called and called, but no answer.  We never got in touch with the son before the patient passed.  A few minutes later the son was standing at the door.  He had been asleep in the waiting room the entire time.

When I overheard that he had been in the waiting room the whole time, my heart sank.  He was so close and could've been with his dad when it happened.  That fact just hurt me.  He asked for a few minutes to gain his thoughts before he came in.   When he finally came in he just stood at the bedside starring at his father.  He never shed a tear.  Never made a noise.  He just stood there in silence.  I recognized the look on his face.  It was the face of utter loss.  He didn't even know how to react at that moment, so there was no reaction.  Unfortunately, in my field of work, this isn't the first time i've seen this look.

I guess I just really related with him in this moment.  I considered what it would be like if I were in his shoes right then.  I'm not much older that him, at 25, and my parents aren't much older than his father was.  That could have very well been me standing there.  When I got home I had a long chat with God and took the time to thank him for all the blessings in my life individually.  I haven't done that in a long time.  I just went through every blessing I could think of in my life and said thanks.  I guess that is one positive to my job, it always has a way of showing me just how blessed I am.  

I want to challenge anyone who reads this to take that minute.  Take it and think about all the blessings you have in your life.  Take that minute and say thanks.  We aren't guaranteed tomorrow so this may be your last chance.  Think about it.

Until Next Time,

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wise Words From the Past

I was looking through my wallet earlier and came across something from my past.  During my junior year of high school our football team wasn't very good.  It wasn't that we didn't have the talent, we just couldn't put it all together.  That year our record was 1-10.  During our end of the year banquet our coach read us a quote by Theodore Roosevelt.  The quote really lifted all of our heads up and made us feel that even though we may have been beaten, we still gave it all we had.  The next season we were 7-5 making our fist appearance in the playoffs in a decade.

It's not the critic who counts,
Not the man who points out
how the strong man stumbles
or where the doer of deeds 
could have done them better.  
The credit belongs to the man
who is actually in the arena,
whose face is marred by dust
and sweat and blood, who strives
valiantly, who errs and comes 
short again and again because
there is no effort without error 
and shortcomings, who knows the 
great devotion, who spends himself 
in a worthy cause, who at the best
knows in the end the high achievement
of triumph and who at worst, if he
fails while daring greatly, knows his
place shall never be with those timid 
and cold souls who know neither
victory nor defeat.
-Theodore Roosevelt
26th President

That little piece for paper remains in my wallet to this day 8 years later.  If I ever saw coach Hardcastle again I would tell him thanks.  Thanks for inspiring us to be fighters.  It still sticks with us.

Until Next Time,

Is there anyone in your past that has inspired you?  Do you wish you could let them know?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Call of Nostalgia

I've been spending the evening packing all my stuff up to start the moving process tomorrow.  I've been coming across a lot of the stuff I used back in college and feeling the call of nostalgia once again.  This is something that happens to me a lot.  I spend a lot of time reflecting on life and different situations.  That's really where the title from my blog came from.  The blog itself is even making me feel the nostalgia as I write this.  I started this back during my junior year of college which was a great time in life for me.  There was just something about being in college and living the college lifestyle.  Living in the dorm room, walking to class across campus, eating with whoever in the commons, studying in the library, playing wall ball under the rock, and late night walks across campus are all things that I miss about that time in life.  I guess miss isn't really the right word.  I don't miss it in the way that I wish I could go back and live it again.  I'm really happy with where I am now and those are all just really great memories.  That's why I like coming across all this stuff.  It reminds me of all those times.

Now as i'm preparing to move into a new place, i'm going to be taking all these things with me and putting them to use once again.  I hope they continue to remind me of my times at Southern Miss.  I also hope to make new memories and continue pushing forward.  Writing this right now is even going a long way to making me feel extremely optimistic.  Oh the potential.  Life is Good.

This is what all of those memories led to!

Until Next Time,

Do you ever find yourself having little moments like this?

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!! (and the last one ever right!?)


I had the opportunity to start out the New Year amazingly today!  We started out by heading over to New Orleans and watching the Saints beat the life out of the Panthers!  The seats were amazing and we really had a great time.  This evening, after struggling last week, my fantasy football team, Capt. Knuckle Mouth, came back to win our league championship!  Let the gloating ensue!! 

I was getting really deep and reading some Tolstoy yesterday and decided to start off the new year with some words of wisdom

"Remember then: there is only one time that
is important-- Now!  It is the most important
time because it is the only time when we have
any power.  The most necessary man is he with
whom you are, for no man knows whether he 
will ever have dealings with any one else: and
the most important affair is, to do him good, 
because for that purpose alone was man sent
into this life!"
-Graf Leo Tolstoy-

I wish you all the best of luck in this new year
Until Next Time,