Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Where's Waldo?

What have I been thinking!? I have been a serious slacker for the past week or so. I have either been busy or lazy, but my little blogging world has taken the biggest hit. The good news is that I've still been taking pictures and I'm about to take you on a photo adventure of my past week. Lets do this thing!

On a side note, I'm really enjoying the Better Than Ezra station on Pandora right now. I just love that 90's music!

Let us take a journey.

This is where it all starts. I have this beer glass collection and was presented with this one last week. The Cajun cannon himself! Thanks mom. I know this doesn't have much to do with what I've been doing, but I just wanted to show this off!

After Alice's pinning ceremony on Thursday night we had to ride down to New Orleans to pick her sister Nissa up at the airport.  What better opportunity for a little fun.  We were in New Orleans so we had to go spend a little bit of time on Bourbon St.  It was a pretty tame night for where we were.  We saw a guy walk right into and completely crash through one of those parking barricades like he never even saw it.  Then I hurled a pair of bead back up into a balcony after someone hit Alice in the face with them.  We had a lot of fun though.  We had the classic hand grenades then hung out at the Old Absinthe House for a bit.  The drive home wasn't much fun though.  I had to drive back at 3am while everyone else was asleep.  Let's put it this way, the little rumble strips on the side of the road really got my heart pumping a couple of times!

The next morning was graduation.  That really brought me back to my own graduation 2 years ago!  I really do love that university! SMTTT!

That night we trough a little graduation party which featured the most fun game of apples to apples ever.  I know it doesn't look that exciting, but I still ended up praying to the porcelain god before it was all said and done!

Katelynn giving us her best Tebow!

On Saturday we took a little trip down to my hometown, Ocean Springs, and I got to introduce someone else to the town that made me!  I love this place.

Until Next Time, (Hopefully not as long a wait this time)

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John Wesley Leek said...

Driving into town this time I was thinking to myself what it would be like to give more people I love the tour. It's a special place.