Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's been going on?

You may be wondering what I do with all my downtime (or maybe not) when i'm up at the hunting camp or not at work.   Well i'm going to let you know!  First off I do a fair amount of writing.  I do that everywhere.  I actually do quite a bit while i'm sitting in the stand or when i'm back at the camp at night.  The other thing I do a lot of is read the news!  I'm not just trying to keep up with current events.  I like reading articles that either really capture my interests, or have something to do with me and/or my life.  I've found a couple interesting stories over the last few days and just want to take a minute to share them.

The first story I found was one I came across on  It was a story about a man that was released from Angola state prison farm after 30 years when new evidence proved his innocence.  This Louisiana man was convicted of aggravated rape in 1981 which carries a mandatory life sentence in that state.  This individual had 3 witnesses backing his alibi and a forensic report strongly suggesting he was not the one who raped the victim, but somehow he still ended up being convicted by the end of the day.  How does this kind of stuff happen??  In 2005 the Innocence Project from NYC decided to take on this case.  The evidence from the case was found by chance in 2010, the case was built and presented, and then on Oct. 21 a judge demanded that he be released immediately.  So this gentleman came back into a world that had entered the digital age and began trying to piece a life back together.  He was astounded by an ipod that his attorney had given him.  The world is a lot different place than it was in 1981.  Can you imagine being locked up for 30 years for a crime you didn't commit?    This kind of story always makes me wonder how many innocent people are actually doing time.  30 years is a large chunk of life that can never be given back.  If you are interested in this story you can check it out right here.

The next couple stories are a little closer to my home.  The next story I came across was about the absurd sidewalk that was built in the middle of our beach 2 years ago.  This is something that has always bothered me.  This is definitely one of my local soap boxes.  Two years ago a six foot wide sidewalk was built right down the middle of our beach all the was from the Biloxi/Ocean Springs bridge to the Ocean Springs Harbor.  I was always very against this project.  I'm sure it was built with all the best of intentions to give people a safe place to run and ride, but it is little more that an eyesore.  Another problem is that the sidewalk was very poorly planned out.  Drainage has always been a problem.  Whenever we get a little rain, water remains pooled up between the sidewalk and the seawall giving us a nice long lake all the way down the length of the beach.  Also being built on sand has lead to the sidewalk beginning to crumble in places.  Apparently now Ocean Springs officials are beginning to re-evaluate some of the engineering issues with the beach "road."  Let's hope they figure something out.

Last but not least a little happy story from Ocean Springs.  A group of Americorps workers spent the last few weeks clearing debris left over from Hurricane Katrina out at the Gulf Islands National Seashore Park; more specifically the cedar point research facility property.  They cleared the property and a new trail system.  This excites me because the park is one of my favorite places in this town.  I spend a lot of time hiking around there and enjoying this little gem from my hometown.  Now if I could just get someone to help me clear some of the bigger hiking trails in this region that have become victims of non-maintenance.  

I hope you've enjoyed catching up on a little news with me!

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If you find anything you think I might find interesting please feel free to post them or email them to me!

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