Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What were they thinking!

I'm just up starting to get ready for another day at work.  I had great intentions of blogging for the last few day and even this morning, but that just never happened.  It's kind of hard to motivate myself to do anything after a long 12 hours at the hospital.  Anyways let's catch up on the last couple days.

The hunting trip ended up pretty lack luster.  Neither one of us saw a deer that final morning, so we packed up our gear, headed back to town, and got checked out of the sketchy motel.  The drive home wasn't too bad and that was the hunting trip!

The red sky sunrise I watched from my stand that 
final morning.  That was one positive.

Max taking his turn with the gear on the way
out of the woods.

When I got back to Hattiesburg, I headed over to Alice's new apartment and helped her tie up a few odds and ends after her move.  Some friends came over and we watched our beloved Saints put the pounding on the Detroit Lions.  Alice took a few minutes to set up her Charlie Brown tree and we all just enjoyed the rest of the night.

Alice's Tree

My drive back down to the coast.

Random:  I ran in to a couple very unique VW's this past
weekend.  I had to get a couple of pics just because.

Ok, so here's my soap box of the past few days.  After the extreme joy of my Alma Mater capturing the C-USA championship on Saturday (as discussed in my last post), I found myself dealing with a little bit of anger on Sunday.  After the big win a lot of fans, including myself, found out that not only was a trip to the Liberty Bowl (which most of us were expecting) a non-option, but our Golden Eagles were going to be traveling to Honolulu to play Nevada at the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl on Christmas Eve.  Coach Fedora stated that this would be an opportunity to reward the team for a great season since he believes that most of the team would not have the chance to visit Hawaii otherwise.

Don't get me wrong here, I'm glad that the team is being rewarded, but what about the fans that follow this team week in and week out.  What about the fans that have been watching this team flounder in mediocrity for years.  Shouldn't we be rewarded by being there for our team!?  We were all expecting a Liberty Bowl appearance, but because of a rule voted on by bowl and conference leaders the SEC and Big East will be represented in Memphis.  I can understand that, but there were other options!  One of them was a meeting with Penn State and the Ticket City Bowl in Dallas.  Hello!  Why would we not want to play a team with the history of Penn State?  The team may be having a rough season, but when you beat a Penn State people notice that.  Instead we will be playing in a second tier bowl in a place that the vast majority of fans will have no means of getting to.  Plus (I know this doesn't relate to most) i'm working Christmas eve; bummer.  

Are you ready for my opinion on the matter?  I sure hope you are.  I think it's more of an ego decision from Larry Fedora.  I've never been a huge fan of the guy, but I do love this team.  He has always come off as WAY too self important to me.  If anyone has ever seen him making the Eagle walk you know exactly what i'm saying.  I'm thinking that Larry Fedora doesn't want to end his career at USM on a losing note.  With this big season the coach is poised to sign a big money contract with a bigger school.  The potential schools i've heard are Kansas, North Carolina, or even Texas A&M.  We all know that he is leaving, but we still expect a little bit of respect to the tradition of this school.

In closing...... SMTTT Always!!

Until Next Time,

Do you have any opinion in the USM debate?

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John Wesley Leek said...

It's pretty lame, but to be fair the team we're playing does have more wins than #HailState. ;)