Friday, December 9, 2011

Tis the Season.... for Frustration!

This is how it usually starts.  A big knot of extension chords and bin full of tangled lights!  Tis the season right?  Decorating the house used to be one of my favorite things to do.  I can look back and see our house covered in every strand of lights I could get my little hands on.  There was no coordination or rhyme or reason.  I would connect colored bulbs with strands of blinking lights, icicles with net lights, and just hang them wherever there was a spot.  I can't imagine what the house looked like to random passer byes, but my parents never said a thing.  They just let me go because I enjoyed it so much.  Now these boxes of tangled lights make me cringe just a little.

I really do love when the house gets decorated and I even still like being the one decorating.  I just can't handle the never ending knots!  I ask myself every year, "why didn't I wrap these better last year?"  Christmas is really starting to creep up in a hurry, so today was the day.  I started the process of untangling, plugging lights in, and changing fuses and bulbs.  I was feeling extra Christmasy today, so I think that pushed me right on through any hassle.  I was really dorking in up today by drinking hot chocolate and listening to Christmas music while hanging the lights.  A few hours later I reached the point where I could do no more!  I ran out of extension chords and plugs, so I had to call it quits for the day.  I've been waiting for the rest of the afternoon for the sun to go down so I could see my accomplishments.  I'm pretty proud of what I got done today.

One side of the yard is completely done with vacation Santa
and my funky palm tree.

A closer look at the funky palm.

Aaaannnnd to top the day off, my favorite Christmas movie of all time is on.  Elf is by far my favorite Christmas movie, and it's on SyFy of all channels!  If SyFy approves it, it must be true.

Until Next Time (Keeping it un-frustrated)

What's your favorite Christmas movie??

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