Friday, December 30, 2011

The Ski Trip

As first documented in my May 2008 Kickin' It Old School post and more recently back in October in my Travel Log: Day 5 post, I have some crazy dreams.  I'm lucky enough to remember them a lot of the time as well.  Wednesday afternoon was no exception.  I was laying down for a little nap after work and woke up to a jolt.  Here's the story:

I never remember exactly how the dreams start, I just remember the situation.  There were 4 people in this particular dream:  Alice, Perry, Brandon, and Myself.  We were on a ski trip.  This fact alone is kind of funny to me because not only have I never been skiing, but i've never really seen any significant amount of snow.  I don't remember traveling anywhere, I just remember showing up at the mountain.  We didn't exactly show up at a very opportune time though.  It was already getting pretty dark to where you almost couldn't see and we were the only people on the mountain.  The darkness and lack of people did little to deter us from hitting the slopes right then.

I don't know why I called this the ski trip, but we were actually snowboarding (which both Perry and Brandon have done in the past).  I guess I didn't like the way Snowboardaholics, Board to Death, or Cold White Places sounded as much.  Anyways, just like magic, somehow we ended up with snowboards attached to our feet and we were pointed down the slope.  Alice and myself took off first.  I felt a little wobbly at first, but gained my footing fast and remember thinking "Wow, I can really carve."  The word carving just kept going through my head.  I remember being amazed at how easily I picked up boarding.  

Soon after leaving the top we left any remaining light and it was too dark to see the trees whizzing by us.  I stopped for a minute to turn around and look for Brandon and Perry, but they were nowhere to be found.  After being in the dark for a minute my eyes adjusted to the lower light and I was easily able to see what was going on.  We continued down the slope for a little ways longer until we passed back into the light.  I don't know where it came from, but the daylight was back.  It was that soft late afternoon light.  Continuing down the slope something kind of bizarre happened. We ran out of snow!  The snow just thinned out until it disappeared and we were skidding wildly across concrete.  It was like the slope was covered with a road.

At this point I looked back up the slope and Perry and Brandon came back into sight.  They kept crossing back and forth in front of each other closer and closer until they finally ended in a huge collision.  Their snowboards continued on down the slope while they didn't.  I decided I needed to get back up towards the snow, so I started jumping that way.  I jumped a couple of times, but on the next jump I went up and just kept going.  I kept going up and up.  I cleared the tree-tops.  Everything was beginning to look pretty small below me.  I remember starting to feel the fear of getting way too high and realizing there was only one place I could go.  I started flapping my arms upwards from my side up over my head trying to force my body to start travelling downwards.  Finally the descent started.  I started picking up speed in a hurry.  Faster and faster I was travelling down, down, down.  I started flapping my arms down trying to slow myself up.  It wasn't working.
I've reached the tree-tops at this point
The ground is coming at me in a tremendous hurry
Only a few feet now
I can feel the fear gripping me
Almost there
Just a few inches

I woke up with a jolt.  My heart was racing and I was breathing heavily.  This jump and fall is a pretty common theme for me.  I apologize for the extended post, but I just thought this was a pretty interesting dream.

Until Next Time,

Decode that dream!

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