Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kicking it at the Camp

When I got up from my post work nap this afternoon the woods were calling my name. I didn't quite have the time to get up to my Richton club, but had plenty of time to get to Stone County. I love this place. I used to spend SO much time out here and every time I'm here I wonder why I don't as much anymore. This place is only about 45 minutes from the house but I can remember thinking it took forever to get to when I was a kid. My dad used to bring me up here to fish when I was really young and I would spend the whole time begging him to take me for a ride on the 4 wheeler. That used to be the biggest thrill for me.

As a teenager I really fell in love with this place. It was when I got my drivers license and could come up here on my own that I started spending all my free time here. I started out coming up to go hunting with my grandpa, but ended up coming for any reason I could think of. I would spend hours and hours logging time in the woods surrounding the camp. I became somewhat of an artifact hunter (an obsession I still carry with me) and started trying to pinpoint former homesteads and camps. There was plenty of evidence to find deep down in the woods. This area used to be a small sawmill town, so there is plenty of reasons to find things.

I forgot just how dark it gets out here. The sky is clear and you can see so many more stars than you could ever see back in town. I could lay out there and look up for hours.

Well I'm not long for the world tonight. I'm getting up early to put in some more hours chasing that big buck.

Until next time,

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