Thursday, December 1, 2011

Drop It Like it's Hot Chocolate

I need to go ahead and thank Jimmy Fallon for the title of this post.  This came from his hash tag game yesterday #NewHolidaySongs.  It cracked me up and was somewhat perfect for this post.  The cold weather is definitely here now (even if it never lasts for more than a week at a time down here in south MS).  Maybe it's not really the temperature of the air that I love so much.  Could it just be this time of year?  I think maybe! Here is a little list titled "Things I love about the cold weather months."

  • The Holidays!  Thanksgiving/Christmas specifically.
  • Warm clothes- little know fact: I  love wearing jackets.
  • Hunting season
  • Fire- The warmth and the smell
  • Christmas lights!  I enjoy seeing all the lights when i'm driving around.  (hint hint- i'm planning a future post about small town Christmas decorations)
  • Eggnog- holla!
  • Seeing long losts-  The holiday season always seems to bring around those long losts that seem to be missing throughout the year.  What a relief to know that you're still alive!
  • Bell ringers- you have to have a heart of stone not to drop your change in those red tin bins.
  • Hot Chocolate (it had to be in here somewhere right!?)- well maybe we can generalize this one to just hot drinks.  I just can't bring myself to drink a hot drink when it's also hot outside.  Thanks cold weather! 

Starbucks Hot Chocolate = Legit

So, onto a completely different topic now.  I will be leaving this afternoon heading up towards Starkville to do a few days of hunting.  I will be taking a swing at mobile blogging while i'm there to see how it works out.  Please bear with me through this endeavor.  Thanks!

My hunting adventure started out yesterday 
afternoon with a short trip to my personal plot.
It didn't start out the way I had hoped.  I didn't
see anything!  Oh well maybe my luck remains to 
the north

Until Next Time,

What would you add to my cold weather list?? 

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