Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wise Words of Matt

A couple of post ago I proposed an idea to anyone and everyone.  I asked about the little things in life that make you happy.  It was a question of freedom.  I was interested in ideas, thoughts, suggestions, and comments.  A friend of mine answered the call.  A very wise man named Matt Carver.

Me (Left), Matt "Wise Man" Carver (Middle), Logan Brown (Right)

Instead of doing a lot of talking this time i'm gonna let Matt take this one.  These are the idea's, thoughts, and little things that make him happy.  Enjoy!

Mr. Introspective Retrospect, 

Since you are such an avid blogger, I will share as much genius as possible.

In high-school football, my coach always said, "Matt, it's the small things that matter."

For me, little things like the love of a good woman, beer, and company of great friends are important. So, yes that sounds like a Country song, but really think... How difficult is it to find a good woman these days? When you dig through the crazies, the slackers, and the promiscuous ones, there may be a decent one out there. There are many topics that one could delve in this relation. Best date places, What does a date consist of these days? Dedicate a blog to "Domi?" 
How to make it in a modern relationship?

Beer. Beer is the key to survival of life. There are many topics that one could explore with beer. The difference in a porter and a stout. How microbreweries save humanity from the monotonous use of bud and coors "light" beers... There are infinite ideas from such a beer aficionado as yourself.

Great friends, another of the little things I appreciate in my life. Usually, I try to be a good friend, but what is considered a "good" friend these days? I've had so called "friends" that I hear from once a year... and then friends I talk to once a week, once a month... Anyhow, spending times with friends, sharing business info, beer info, cigar info, talking crazy stories, and making crazy stories.. That's what it's all about... Living life, and living it well.

Some little things, make a difference in life.
-Going out an hear that old rat rod crank after not touching it for months, or after making some adjustments.
-Waking up without a headache, after a night of making stories with friends.
-Living on the coast!
-Of course, popping on the pandora.

I'll share my Master plan of blogging with you, pick a category per day... like weds beer day...tuesday fishing story day...sports sundays...

It'd be pretty awesome to read about a day in the life of a medical professional... There has to be tons of material there...zombie viruses...women who made bad choices...drunk and disorderly... severed appendages...

Matt Carver

Great Words!
Thanks again man

Until Next Time,

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