Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Weight is Lifted

I read an article this afternoon (my normal routine before going into work) about an elderly man that returned money he stole in the 40's back to Sear's.  An envelope with $100 and a note was hand delivered to the store manager at a Seattle Sear's recently.  The note said that this individual had taken $20- $30 dollars from the register over 60 years ago and he wanted to give it back.  

The first thing I thought when reading this was "that's not much money."  It didn't take me long to realize that it wasn't about the money.  This man has been living with a guilty conscience for over 60 years.  Can you imagine having anything weighing over you for that long?  

Sometimes I get so caught up in all the negative of the world.  I realize I shouldn't let things get to me like they do.  It just seems, more and more, that the majority of people can be so selfish and only concerned with themselves.  #1 is the most important right?  Reading a little story like this made me happy to see that there is still good things happening.  As small as an incident as this might have been, it just made me smile.

Well it's back to the hospital for 1 more night of work!

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Alexa Rankin - Slap The Penguin said...

The old guy has added insult to injury. Flaunting the fact that he got away with a crime and then appeasing his conscience with a short repayment of what he stole.

Accounting for inflation, $20 in 1948 is worth $187.33 by 2011 standards. So the fact that he returned a mere $100 still leaves him $87.33 of absolving himself of guilt.

I say use the security camera footage and track him down. Arrest the old fool and let the justice system deal with him.