Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Our Way

To start let me go ahead and wish everyone reading this a happy Thanksgiving!  Every year my family and I celebrate Thanksgiving the same way.  We start off by eating lunch with my mom's side of the family at her parents house down on the bayou.  Then we head up to the camp in the country to celebrate with my dad's side of the family.  The Marcellus side of the family celebrates this occasion in a very unique way.  Let's just say i'm sure the neighbors love it.  

Throughout the day I kept my phone ready and snapped some pictures to take you on a quick Thanksgiving journey with me!

Andrew and I started our celebration early with a little
live music experience a the best bar and venue in Ocean
Springs.  Rosco Bandana put on a great show at Mezo's
Juke Joint to kick off the holiday season.  If you haven't
already, this is a band you definitely need to check out
while they are still playing the amazing local venues like

Red solo cup....I fill you up.  Let's have a party!

Khloe, show your teeth!

My cousin's baby Khloe.  She was fascinated 
by my phone.

When we got up to the camp we got to see my Grandpa's
latest addition to his back porch.  He is proud of that boar!

Before we knew it the flurry of gunfire started.
I'm not sure when this tradition started, but
it's alive and well every Thanksgiving.

Everyone gets involved as my Aunt Tanya
demonstrates here.

Tommy Gun!  That's mafia style.

I would call this another successful Thanksgiving.  The holiday season is definitely a time to be grateful for everything that's good in your life.

Here's a cheers to family, friends, and good times!  Cheers guys

Until Next Time,

Do you have and Thanksgiving traditions?

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