Monday, November 14, 2011

The Little Things # 3

2 words:  Live Music

# 3 is just that simple.  There is nothing like it.  There is something special about witnessing a really good band do what they do best.  When they can make everyone around them get up and start dancing (or at least moving) they've really got it.  The great thing about great live music is that it happens everywhere in many different forms

You can catch it on a street corner in New Orleans

Or at your favorite local spot.  For me that is Mezo's Juke Joint.  You just can't beat the crew and great atmosphere down there.  Plus!  They always have a pretty full lineup of good live music.  Me and a friend saw Defunked Democracy for the first time down there last week and they were pretty amazing.  Very talented group of musicians.

I've been able to catch some pretty great shows down at the House Of Blues in New Orleans.  What a great venue!

Better Than Ezra

G. Love and Special Sauce

Mute Math, Nickel Creek, and Flogging Molly

I've been able to see some pretty big arena shows which can be fun too.  AC/DC was one of the best i've ever seen.  It doesn't matter how old those guys get because they still rock!

Band of Horses -Fed Ex Forum, Memphis

King of Leon- Memphis

Big festival like Jazz Fest are a GREAT place to catch some great live music.  I  caught Dave Matthews Band back in 05 down there.

Live music is everywhere, you just have to get out there and listen!  Make it one of your favorite things too!  Get inspired and enjoy!

I had to add this final one just because it was one of the best live acts i've ever seen.  The Civil Wars were absolutely amazing.  It was just the two of them and they had endless talent.  We saw them at the Fire Club in Jackson this past July.

Until Next Time,

Where is your favorite live music spot?

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