Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Jam Session

Last night it finally happened.  Perry and myself have been talking about getting together for a much needed jam session for weeks.  How does the time always pass so fast?  We have played together in this band or that since about the sophomore year of high school.  It was such a big part of our lives for a long time.  For whatever reason we haven't played together for months.  The curse is finally over.  It took us about 10 seconds to get it going again last night.  I started out playing a little progression and Perry joined right in by shredding up some lead.  It really felt good to be playing again.  Every time we play together we end up talking about all the big dreams we've always had and how NOW we could put together such a great band.  Will the band happen?  I don't know but I can tell you that I hope it's not another few weeks before we rip it up again.

A few cold beers always go a long way in the 
creative process!  Matt Carver once called beer
"The pen of smart men"

Perry laying down that smooth blues

Me laying down that smooth thumbs up!

I'm sure he was deep in the middle of saying something
about music theory or the creative process.  Or maybe he
was just saying something about how good his dinner was! haha

It's not about how good the music is or the great songs we come up with.  It's about just getting together and playing.  Between the music and crazy conversations it's always an interesting night. I believe you should always take every opportunity to enjoy a little downtime.  So, enjoy it!

Until Next Time,

Are there any instruments you play or interest you?


Alice said...

I can play hand bells.

Kyle Marcellus said...

That's what's up