Monday, November 7, 2011

It's ALL Broken..... Almost

Ok, here is my forewarning.  This is going to be a little bit of a gripe blog.  As you may remember from a previous blog of mine, my truck is completely broken down and i'm kind of living like a bum right now.  Well, in all actuality i've done ok.  I've been borrowing my mom's car, like i'm 16 again, for work and i've been able to find rides everywhere else.  That brings us to today.  I am at the house, with nowhere to go, and decided it was the perfect day to go for a little bike ride.  It's beautiful down in south Mississippi today.  The breeze is nice and there isn't a cloud in the sky.  I wanted to go for a little cruise down to the beach and just enjoy a little bit of the afternoon.  After my last ride I discovered a bunch of rockachaws (aka coastal sandbur) embedded in my rear tire.  I began pulling them out and started hearing the obvious hiss of air leaving the tube.  I remembered this morning that I had a spare tube down in our workshop and went down to dig it out.  I pulled the rear tire off the bike and pulled the tire off the rim to remove the old tube.  I placed the new one in, put the tire back on the rim, put the whole setup back on the bike and started attempting to put air into the tire.  The new tube doesn't hold air!  Come on, cut me some slack here!  I guess I really am stuck at home!

So, i've got a truck "hopefully" being repaired at the dealership and a bike with a flat tire and no tube.  What now?  The only thing I could think to do is to see if I owned anything that ran.  I looked over and saw the mustang.  Now, the mustang isn't road worthy at the moment, but usually runs without any problem.  I grab the key and go to turn it over and it's dead!  At least that's an easy fix by charging up the battery.

I did have one little victory today.  The 4 wheeler cranked right up.  Thank you Honda!  I guess you have to find your victories wherever you can on some days.  

Well, it's back to work tonight.  I will be giving an update on my trip to Memphis in the next day or two so stay tuned for that!

Until Next Time,

Ever feel like nothing is going your way?

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