Friday, November 4, 2011

The Hangover

And no, i'm not talking about the movie.  This is the real deal.  This photo should go a long way to explain what I am talking about.

This is basically what the events from last night turned into.  Bad idea? I'm trying to convince myself that the headache was worth it.  But hey, you pay to play.  It was a fun night though.  Let's take a little journey through the day.

It started out simple enough.  Since my  truck is really really broken right now, Alice drove down from Hattiesburg to pick me up.

When we got up to Hattiesburg the plan was to  meet some friends out for a few drinks to celebrate Alice's upcoming birthday (today, Happy Birthday!).  The first sign of impending shenanigans was our decision to start the night out with a shot of Jager.  That's always just the catalyst to get the party started.  We headed over to the "Hog" and were soon joined by Alice's friend Jessica and Jessica's brother JM.  Alice was awarded a birthday cake shot by the bar for surviving another year and sent it down the hatch.  We all ordered a few drinks and began the birthday celebration.  

Looking over the beer menu something caught my eye that really intrigued me.  Let me just explain something real quick.  The Mahogany Bar comes off as a pretty classy establishment to me.  It's not the kind of place that I would consider wearing my gym clothes into.  With that said, this particular item I saw on the menu would really trash the place up a bit.  After a few questions to the waitress, I ordered it.

Oh Yes! Old Milwaukee Tall Boy!!

We were met soon after by Matt and Leah (the newly engaged couple).  Congrats again guys!  Now just having Matt and Leah show up means it's time to throw down.  They are the ones who you can always depend on to have a good time.  If they are in town, they are pretty much ready to throw down anywhere at any time.  They are handy to have around!  While we were sitting around talking it was discovered that JM had recently turned 21 and there were just so many shots he hasn't experienced.  Needless to say, I love shots!  It was go time.  We had Jager bombs, Irish car bombs, and red snappers.  We were well lubricated for a continuation of the party after that.

  Alice and Jessica

We found out, through one of Alice's friends, that one of the fraternities was having a "white trash bash."  Since that just had us written all over it we decided we were going to grab some 40's (just to be extra trashy) and head over.  The gas station hugely disappointed me by not having anything besides King Cobra.  Now i'll drop my standards given the right situation,  but I will never drop down as low a King Cobra.  I grab a couple Bud Light tall boys and headed out the door.  Matt and Leah met us over at the frat house.  We loaded our pockets down with the tall boys and headed inside.  We weren't there for very long before the party got shut down, but we weren't ready to be done!

We headed back over to Alice's apartment.  (Alice told me this morning that she doesn't remember anything after this point.)  Matt was wanting a shot of Jager and he was at the right place.  He was given that and before we knew it Alice have her beer funnel out and was already filling it up.  I'm not someone that can just stand by and let someone funnel all by themselves, so I joined right in.  For some reason I always end up forgetting i'm not a 21 year old college student anymore.  It's good to relive those days though.  We both funneled a few beers and before I knew it (Warning: This is where is get a little gross) I was running to sacrifice the contents of my stomach to the porcelain god.  I came out feeling like a new man and was ready for a rally.  The rally never happened.  I'm sure that was for the best.  Matt and Leah headed home soon after all of that fun and the night was pretty much over.  Alice made her own sacrifice and we called it a night.

Today i'm writing this with a little bit of a headache.  Was it worth it?  Of course it was!  Happy Birthday Alice!
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