Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ghost Towns

I read a pretty interesting article the other day.  Related to the droughts across the US this year, several ghost town have been exposed due to the reducing water levels in reservoirs.  This particular story was about the former site of the town of Bluffton, Texas.  This town was flooded 55 years ago and usually sits below about 20-30ft of water.  Now, former residents and history buffs are flocking to the sight to see the ghost town.  Building foundations, grave sites, and many other artifacts have been found on this site.  The darker side of this is that there have been several arrests related to looting in this area.  

I read an article this summer similar to this that retold the account of a couple that was able to visit the church they were married in 60 years earlier due to the drought.  So sometimes drought isn't all bad right?  Ghost towns and historical artifacts are always something that interest me.  When I read articles like this it always makes me wonder what all is out there.  One of my hobbies is artifact hunting.  I've spent a lot of hours in the woods surrounding my hunting camp searching for remnants of the town that was once there.

I found this piece back in September during my Wild Weekend trip to flint creek.  These bricks were lined up under the bank of the reservoir.  What were they from?  What used to be there?  What else was in this valley before it was flooded?  These are all the questions I always have in my head.  I do know that St. Joe is a brick company out of Pearl River, La.  The company is over 120 years old!  

Check out the article above.  It's worth your time!

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